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  1. Fulltilt is ****ing brutal...disconnected
  2. Enjoyed the read. Sounds like a great trip.-Rizzo
  3. I played there like a year ago. Pretty standard 1/2NL game going all the time. The casino is decent. Pretty fun spot if you are under 21 for sure. I don't really know how the daily tourneys are there. My buddy played a 100$ shootout I believe that he said was ok. In the middle of nowhere, but ENJOY and GL.Rizzo
  4. Stayed at Tropicana a year ago...they always have atleast one 5$-min blackjack table (usually packed) and pretty much always a 5$ craps table. GL and have fun
  5. These are just my opinions and I'm not very good so just take it for what its worth.1) This seems like a tough spot... I think think the hands that he can limp then raise with is AA or maybe KK. I don't really see him doing that with AK, JJ, 1010, etc. So pretty much you have to decide if he is just doing this with air or if you wanna risk your tourney in a spot that you may be crushed. I think fold, but tough spot with the QQ2) I think he probably has a set, but even if he paired his ace you are still drawing to only the second nuts. If you like the gamble...shove, but i like folding aga
  6. Have a fun trip...Good Luck at the tables too
  7. Mandalay Bay pool was awesomeVoodoo lounge was goodMGM sportsbook was negative money
  8. I played a 1/2 300max NL game and they raked 1$ a pot. It was worth it though. Free beer, cocktails, pizza, wings, chips, etc.
  9. I also listened to it. She does not let anyone else talk. Sadly I listened to like 15 mins before skipping ahead.-Rizzo
  10. Been allowed everywhere I have played. Kind of a douche move, imo
  11. I understand that your brother may be a successful online player, but I don't see the correlation. Because he had ONE winning session at a live casino for a few hundo in LA automatically means live players are worse than online. Maybe try some more live games to even be a fraction of the 5 years of online play. Congrats on the win tho-Rizzo
  12. King...Rays lost a tough one tonight. Hopefully you can bring em some luck tomorrow. Enjoy the game either way.-Rizzo
  13. Yea i caught the tail end of that...brutal, GG sir
  14. Haha ty sir...I actually like the Royals. I think they have an ex Ray named Joey Gathwright (sp?).
  15. Haha yea that's exactly what I hear. Have some family in Pit and they go quite often. I have to root for the Rays in this one tho.
  16. Shipped to both you guys. Lemme know what ones u guys hop in.-rizzo
  17. Niiiiiiice..... Rays did pretty well tonight. Heard that park is pretty sweet in PIT tho.
  18. Gonna ship, lemme know what one you are gonna hop in and ill prolly play, GL TID!
  19. What SN should i ship to?...ill hook u up.
  20. I'm offering two stakes to 4.40 180-man on stars. 50/50 no stake back. I know I do not have many posts, but someone reliable and decent. Lemme know who wants em.Rizzo
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