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  1. Pretty unlucky man...just play more and it will feel more natural. Tough beat. GL in the future
  2. Are you planning on playing against the spread or just picking winners?
  3. quick rebound with the JJ
  4. On the rail...run sickness
  5. GL sir TID...also don't have cake so the updates are greatly appreciated.
  6. My recommendations:- 1/2nl at venetian and MGM- wynn dinner buffet (expensive as hell but real good)- anywhere downtown for 5$ craps- had great drink service at the Plaza downtown (plus 5$ blackjack)- just drink your face off anywhere- ohhh and O'sheas carbombs are good
  7. O'Sheas for cheap drinks and cheap gambling was awesome. Went there last time I was in vegas and got shit blasted. Have fun
  8. Congrats on the 1-2 finish. Probably a dumbo question, but I don't play on FTP so...what is the orange mark next to CheckWat and the green next to Bet4?
  9. wow i can't post for shit...we are staying at Bally's.
  10. Dec 17-21...buddy got a a free room so we are staying there. Any info on that hotel would be appareciated.
  11. Just booked my second trip to vegas during december. Drank a bunch of booze and finally booked the tickets. That is all
  12. I go from 150 to 1.50 all the time...help
  13. How was the room at Bally's? I'm going out in Dec. and probably staying there. Last trip I stayed at Trop so I'm sure it is about the same.
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