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  1. To anyone who can help; I'm planning a bachelor party for a buddy of mine and am looking at rooms in vegas. There will be 5 people attending and I was just wondering if anyone had any insight on booking suites. I am on the fence for spending the extra money to get a suite or just pay for the regular rooms. I figure it should be at least $125 a night avg times 2 rooms so $250-300 a night for regular rooms. I was considering maybe just bumping up and spending the money on a suite, maybe $500 a night, if at all possible. If anyone has any information if these suites are even worth the ex
  2. Just wondering what the general idea on this play is...-1/2NL game everyone has between 200-500-Limp in middle position with 8d10d-Cutoff, button, and both blinds limpThe flop comes 9s7dAdDo most people lead out in this spot or look for a check raise?If you get called in either of those plays do you lead the turn, if it is complete air?I'm sure this has been covered a few times, but any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.---Rizzo
  3. Set over Set, lose lots of money....sucks-Rizzo
  4. I'm in a few small tourneys in between a Fantasy draft. GL all someone win something.--Rizzo
  5. Nice Nice, GL. Nice cash RG
  6. Thanks for the stake, rivergirl.....GL TID
  7. PokerStars Game #32006119122: Tournament #188959542, $2.00+$0.20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (60/120) - 2009/08/24 14:22:37 ETTable '188959542 29' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: UCFrizzo (1530 in chips) Seat 2: JackHearerJJ (1960 in chips) Seat 3: birese2 (1190 in chips) Seat 4: flapjacking (2980 in chips) Seat 5: yanosdu13 (5265 in chips) Seat 6: gosha61 (4975 in chips) Seat 7: sappob (1885 in chips) Seat 8: cyberx60 (1700 in chips) Seat 9: cruel1956 (4165 in chips) UCFrizzo: posts the ante 15JackHearerJJ: posts the ante 15birese2: posts the ante 15flapjacking: posts the ante 15yano
  8. Thank ya.....GL, ill post any fun hands
  9. I'd play..... UCFrizzo (orlando)
  10. I played some 1/2 and 2/5 at GoldStrike and thought it was decent. I just didn't like Tunica overall. Just abuse the free drinks and dont lose your ass in BJ
  11. I'll be in a few smaller ones...GL everyone, somebody crush something
  12. Damn sounds like an awesome long weekend...Good to hear the sports bets hit and the snow was good. Will also be in Vegas in May
  13. Geeeeeez, thats brutal man. Good luck in the other FL events.
  14. I'm lazy and dont have windows open right now...what does 2nd pay in this tourney?-Rizzo
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