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  1. Hang.... sorry to hear about the wife... how's she doing?
  2. Not much... wassup with you? Just checking on the little guy... hope he's doing OK.
  3. Anything more on this? How is Chrozzo? Hang... that made me LOL
  4. These first 2 games have been pretty awesome baseball.... some fantastic plays and great pitching.I think now that the series has shifted back to Texas... the offense(s) will take over. The Ballpark in Arlington is pretty home run friendly and the warmer temperature is going to help.
  5. I showed up at the first of the season.... just saw his remark about the records of the 2 teams... don't get it.I'm a Sox fan as well so don't get all defensive.
  6. Kind of embarrassing to see all those empty seats in a playoff series. Not much fan support?
  7. Last summer?Back to Back WORLD SERIES Championships !Good game Tigers!And Joe Buck can suck it.... Rangers hater and horrible announcer. Hey Joe... it's obvious you know little about baseball and nothing about the Rangers.... just an FYI is pronounced "Wa-Hara" .. not "U-E-Hara" and it's pronounced Elvis ANDREWS not "OnDruss"... friggin idiot.
  8. Both CJ and Derek were sick when they pitched.... thank you bullpen !And thank you Nelson Cruz for getting your swing back just in time !
  9. 6 in a row and 11 of the last 13....Getting it done down the stretch... Yankees or Sox in the first round?
  10. Same thing..... All Asians hate gum spitting. It's a religious thing I think.In Singapore you get caned... in China I think they insert a large object in a small place that you would prefer to not have things go that way.
  11. Hearing that boy cry and watch his dad die was very sad.... tough thing to forget.On a lighter note.... winning 11 in a row does NOT suck.
  12. Sox are looking pretty dang good..... can't wait to play them in the playoffs.I almost feel sorry for Tampa Bay..... 6 over and 8 back?
  13. Have fun Corey.... don't spit gum on the sidewalk.
  14. Dirk threw out the first basketball at the Mets/Rangers game tonight..... was pretty cool.40,000+ fans went nuts !
  15. And where are the Mets playing today? Oh snap... Texas.
  16. Exactly this ^You should really stop trying so hard...
  17. I think we've all been "there" to some degree and I doubt you are going to find an answer here...if anywhere.If I could offer a suggestion... stop looking. Maybe there is no point.... maybe there is no reason for anything. From a philosophy class... I learned a little phrase called Dayenu (very Jewish...I know) but it literally means... "If nothing else happens today, THIS made me happy". There has to be something everyday that is good to you.... cup of coffee, watching the sun rise, eating a sandwich.... something. I think the exercise is to teach us to find small bits of happiness and stop l
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