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  1. Maybe you shouldn't commit chat violations if you don't want to be chat banned! I was just doing my duty as a player on Pokerstars! You seem like a very unpleasant person, so I'm actually kinda glad this has negative repercussions for you.
  2. And this is just ridiculous! No wonder you play LHE, you need the amount you can lose to be capped if you're just "willy-nilly" getting in one pair with complete disregard for your tournament life and your money. Keep telling yourself he made a mistake to prevent yourself from folding MORON
  3. Seems like an easy spot to let it go. Your opponent would have to be crazy to be doing this with anything less than a set, and you don't want to be known as a donkey who can't fold ONE PAIR and a flush draw. Your hand looks really strong, but you'll look pretty stupid if you call and lose.
  4. If you're ALWAYS getting it in ahead in tournaments, you probably have big problems with your game.
  5. Yeah raising that turn is pretty pointless, agree with those who want to just call down.
  6. Hey guys, I cashed in the MEDIUM MAIN EVENT last year so I should clearly find some time in my schedule to play it again!
  7. 88 picked up a FD on the turn, so it was far from a 2 outer! I'm not sure how it would work w/ a 9-way chop if the winnings WERE confiscated (which I doubt they will be and prob shouldn't be) but I feel like they'd have to do something differently than just moving everyone up a spot as far as the chop went since there's a lot of factors at play there and it wouldn't really be fair/make a lot of sense.
  8. I didn't really try hard at all, I'm just trying to match his volume of posts about the situation!
  9. Not as much of a scammer as SOREL MIZZI!
  10. Jesus christ, stop posting. Everyone is well aware of stuff Sorel has done in the past, and this Chinese scandal isn't exactly 100% confirmed nor should it really matter to anyone that posts here lol.
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