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  1. RIP. Was a pretty good show saw some repeats on some random channel.
  2. His lawsuit was definitely pretty bad in terms of players actually getting their money back.
  3. This whole black Friday thing put a big spin on tournaments
  4. It is but is definitely a different feel to it this year.
  5. Its a stunt. Even if he wins (unlikely) Fulltilt is not a Nevada company and doesnt have assets there so any ruling against them wouldnt matter at all. Would have to retry it again wherever they have assets.
  6. Void of international sites most likely. Id expect US companies to be up at some point.
  7. Yeah you have to ignore comment sections but anything bringing stuff like this into the spotlight and open for discussion should be viewed as a positive.
  8. Definitely made for some interesting discussions.
  9. Cant believe some of these people are still wearing patches. Hope they take a lot of heat. All the stories of poor support/security seem to be a lot more believable now.
  10. Still think its only a matter of time before Merge and Cake go down also.
  11. Will probably be in a state lottery soon with the skillful game of horseracing handicapping and picking round pingpong balls.
  12. Eventually I think fulltilt will return money but theyve always been a bunch of thieves.
  13. I got Howard Lederer winning no bracelets this year.
  14. Thought announcement might be they were buying part of fulltilt
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