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  1. Theresa thank you for the information, much appreciate the effort you took to help me out.
  2. Where did you read these acusations against Amarillo Slim, if true very disturbing.
  3. I believe that in Sklansky's & Malmuth's Hold'em for Advanced Players he has a chapter on short handed play, of course this only deals with limit.
  4. I think that it is an important investment of time and money to purchase several books such as Super System, Harrington on Holdem, Championship No Limit &Pot Limit Hold'em by T.J. Cloutier, and Tournament Poker For Advanced Players by Sklansky, read them and then experiment against the Wilson Tournament Software before investing any real money in online or brick and mortar casino tournaments.
  5. Poker nation, Bad beats and lucky Draws, and Big Deal are all good. As are the books recommended by the second post. Those being The Biggest Game In Town, The man with $100,000. breasts, ans Positively Fifth Street. Other books I would reccommend for fun reading would be: MONEYMAKER by Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Paisner, Shut UP And Deal by Jesse May, Telling Lies and getting Paid by Michael Konik although much of the book deals with other gambling besides poker), The Cincinati Kid by Richard Jessup (although this novel deals mostly with stud which was the game of that period). And finally I
  6. I'am an avid reader of books and articles on no limit hold'em. There is virtually nothing written yet about heads-up situations in no limit. In Sklansky's Theory of Poker he writes some about "being heads up on the end," although he is writing about being so during a limit side game. Cloutier in his book writes a tiny bit about heads up in his book Championship No-Limit & Pot Limit Holdem (pgs.106-9). Cloutier seems to put too much emphasis on shoving it all-in with just about any ace. This is not a good strategy at all for a more sophisticated player. I suspect that Cloutier intentionally
  7. Two movies that are not about poker but center around gambling that I think most poker players would enjoy are: The Hustler and The Color of Money.
  8. Thanks much for the reply. I live in Gainesville although I sometimes spend time in Naples.
  9. Take a break. Go to a different card room. I mean if you have dealers advertising that youre jinxed to the other players youre sitting with the other players are going to take this as an advertisement to slam you because they probably think youre not playing at you're best when youre loosing that youre staeaming etc. Go down to a smaller limit if you have to no shame. Another rule I heard Bobby Baldwin 1978 WSOP champ use to use was that he would make it his goal to get back just 1/2 of what he was down for the session. Also hope you're studying. Sklansky, Malmuth etc
  10. If you're playing NLH on the net that means for the price of a couple of buy ins you can buy about whatevers out there I would recommend Harringtons book its really great and it kind of takes that really tight style that T.J. advocates and teaches you how to play a little bit more un predictably. Next I'd recommend Sklansky's Tournament Poker for Advanced Players. Next I'd recommend SuperSystem II The NLH section by Doyle is an almost verbatim rewrite of the original. Doyle advocates a steam roller style of play that really depends on your ability to read your table. I certainly can't play tha
  11. I also grately benefited from Phillips' Zen and the art of poker as well as his The tao of poker. Both books jibe well with what Annie Duke recently stated in a Card Player interview that of all the psychology that is needed to do well in poker one must learn to master ones own psychology first. And that is coming from a women who quit a Ph.D program in psychology to pursue poker. More over her brother Howard often speaks about about Zen in cardplaying and refers to a book titled "Zen in the Art of Archer, " by Eugen Herrigel to make analogies. I read it and gained some insights.
  12. Red for another experts opinion on whether or not to fold to fold Kings in a NLH Tourney check out pgs.53-54 of Championship No-Limit & Pot Limit Hold'em by T.J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy. Says T.J. "Where I was schooled in Dallas, the second raise probably would have been aces, and the third raise was like Ivory snow : 99.9 percent pure aces. It's not A-K in this situation---it's aces." Personally, I would only fold KK preflop at a big buy in event like WSOP etc, at what had been a previously low key table.By the way the hand that resulted in Rounders star Mat Damon getting busted out of th
  13. blknines after you finish reading The Theory of Poker and Tournament Poker For Advanced Players I recommend that you do the following this is based on the huntch that you are a beginner and that you are primarily interested in No-Limit Holdem Tournaments. You should read Super System II, Championship No Limit and Pot Limit Holdem by TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy, as well as Harrington on Holdem vl1 before venturing into real on line tournaments you might also want to purchase a computer software called Tournament Texas Holdem to sharpen you're skills against all of this stuff can be purchased at
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