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  1. This post is why moderators where invented.
  2. Hey Daniel, Is this going to be a poker party... or a drink / talk and have fun party?
  3. I got 3rd in a tourny where the top 2 got trips... And it came down to when I was 95% winner and he catches his card... oh well..
  4. Proboally just high limit cash games...I don't care to see rooks that win an online satelitte play.. I want to see the peeps who do it day in and day out.. I want to see hellmuth cry and rebuy, I want to see what really happens...Or like a poker play true life... Where cameras follow the progress and life of a professional poker player... That might be interested...(I think there are shows already, Just I have never seen them...)
  5. haha.Here the latest update ........Place Poker Player Chip Count 1 Phil Ivey $ 5,000,000 2 Paul Jackson $ 760,000 Gersitz what were the prices for hellmuth and laak?I put $20 on each of them... I would win 680 if hellmuth won, I would win 570 if laak won. (Correction, $600 net profit)
  6. If Ivey wins this tourny... Not only will he win 1 million for himself..He will win me $680.00 I also put bets on Daniel (which was refunded) Hellmuth, and Laak.So that is a $620 profit, Thanks Phil.
  7. I think you have to unistall party first... :?
  8. Can you tell me if they asked Firepay as a payment method? I can not find it on there website.
  9. my friends bankroll.I am a fairly good player and can tell if I am outmatched at a table... I sat down at a table that I knew I was outmatched at. 9 regulars who where all pretty good players. THe game is 3-6 limit at the neighby poker room. I play very tight and then I get jj, qq, aa and qq... all which were busted by 2 pairs, or by a flush. Nothing seemed to be going my way. I went to the ATM. Then to my friend.How do you get out of huge slumps? Even the dealers are commenting about my slump of huge loss. (THe 3-6 game was Day 6, of 6 big losses for me)How do you get out of the string of los
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