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  1. govikes, go home and get your shine box son.
  2. yeah, i just got disconnected from a mtt
  3. The point I can't quite overlook is the fact that the three players added were superstars, well at least two of them were :wink: , and that as such the field's equity was certainly reduced much more than it would have been had Tom, Dick, and Harry (no offence Harry D.) been added. In fact, I'd guess most of those effected would have probably preferred facing five times as many last minute, no name additions than the heart of murder's row they got. The success the three have had in this years TOC supports the obvious and despite the fact that it's a freeroll you can't change the rules midco
  4. Nice job Zimmer! Fun watching you work. Tough luck on the last hand. Good spot for your money though.Red
  5. "If you think that you can sit around all day..." -the op (pg. 3 or4)You mean like you've been doing all day here? One thing I know from reading the first three pages of this thread is that it is very -EV. It must have cost me a hundred dollars in my time alone (with this response another$7.50 :-) ). I can only imagine the combined profit we missed out on while engaged here today.I do agree with the op, if he's still involved in this thread or forum, in so much as on first reading of the blog entry the tone was a little off putting. However, having followed Daniel's career for almost
  6. A guy I work with was telling me about it. He said this Criss blows David Blaine away. Did he make Evy's clothes disappear?Red
  7. Any chance you could send me a free copy of your latest, Smash? I'd like to learn more about the romance novel as it's often an underutilized poker resource.
  8. You're a little early, the best Spam recipe contest isn't for another month or two.
  9. Everyone may not feel the need, but I do.I"M FOR SMASH!!!!!!!!! Two options for the vocal minority. Stop being so lame or stop being so sensitive.
  10. I was a long time listener starting during Jim's "scrub Saturday" days, when all he could get was a random weekend gig. The show really was epic for a while. When guys like "JT the Brick" and Eddie from Orange/The Rope" were callers rather than show hosts. The legends were the DiTola brothers and Iafrate, Silkbra was a pup and Ire Craig was doing his best to carry Mike Piazza's jock strap (when he wasn't making bad hair cut commercials for the radio). Alas the day came when Jim decided he could make some real money by syndicating the show. This was the beginning of the end of a great sho
  11. Red


    What's more laughable, a semi-ignorant religious person trying to explain science or a semi-ignorant science based person trying to explain religion? I ask because I don't know. We learned that in high school? When was this, last semester? I'm tempted to pick this apart but I think the statement speaks for itself.RedP.S. Where'd you get that "knife edge of unncertaintiy" (sp) quote? That is priceless.
  12. Red


    Is that NateDogg a FCP forum poster or the former Death Row rapper you're quoting? I'm having a hard time scanning so many pages for the answer.
  13. Red


    cult - A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.There is, of course, no differenceThanks, that's what I thought. And also that religion/cult status is in the eye of the beholder and based mainly on the number of people who accept "it" as being legitimate. Ie., if you have a lot of people who believe, it is a religion and if there are only a small number, they are a cult. Terms like extremist, false, unconventional and authoritarian are all
  14. Red


    What is the difference between cult and religion?
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