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  1. who said he needed to double up at showdown? Last I heard... its possible to get chips by winning small to medium pots pre and post.
  2. upon further consideration I would bet that ivey would nee at least 100 milly before beginning to consider not playing.
  3. Id kinda like to hear daniel's opinion on it.. But i'd be willing to bet that if someone asked ivey if he would sit out of the main event for 25 million dollars he would instantly say no.And i dont think its particularly close.
  4. Re: Moon.Even the hands he won were played kinda poorly. Obviously most of the situations were pretty straightforward but he seemed to have no real sense of pot control or deception. He simply played his hands at face value.... the problem 99% of his opponents had were that they were under the impression he was very aggro when in reality he was simply getting dealt the deck thereby getting even greater value from his hands when opponents played back at him.
  5. he most likely noticed last night during the airing of the episode or whenever he gets around to watching it on his dvr.
  6. i think they were playing something absurd like 2k/4k plo during the wsop and stuff.
  7. someone could offer him 20 million not to play the final table and he'd still play.Id actually put the # closer to 100 milly and maybe even priceless.
  8. Daniel, obviously winning poker players would go back into their bank accts if need be (aka they busto their online accts) but keeping a good bankroll online will almost always prevent this from happening. Obviously there is variance... and then there is "heavy" variance but withdrawing/depositing money back online isnt really going to change how much $ you win/lose from poker each month. If you're a winning player you're going to be able to withdraw money frequently and depending on the game/limits you play... it can be pretty steady in terms of $ won/month.
  9. doubt i would ever fold KQo utg.
  10. first sunday in over a month. im excited.
  11. lol at the people who randomly decided to turn this into a bash DN thread.I think daniel is being pretty fair in his assesment that a Live POY, Online POY, and Combined is a perfectly valid system to put into place. Dont really see an option better than that.
  12. i made a call with 9 high in a live tournament on the river and was outkicked.
  13. poto's view on poker is that it is pure gambling just like roulette so its easy to see how someone with that view would think that "roulette" coaching is a huge scam. If he refuses to believe that a ton of people make a living playing this game then thats fine.. but seriously poto... take ur shit elsewhere.
  14. put it on black. 100%. no doubt.
  15. lol i wonder how he'd react if he knew jordan was getting coached at 375$/hour.lolol.
  16. busto 186th for 1396.80$still in 2nd chance tho IT$ now
  17. NNB and I are in the money in the 200r. Both with healthy stacks. Markysals in too with alot of chips.
  18. PokerStars Game #32735106337: Tournament #200909021, $200+$15 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVIII (800/1600) - 2009/09/11 21:29:15 ETTable '200909021 266' 9-max Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: polpolpol (359848 in chips) Seat 2: shgammellll (74298 in chips) Seat 3: kingcoles80 (63503 in chips) Seat 4: vtlaxer09 (157554 in chips) Seat 5: emsc123 (63057 in chips) Seat 6: ikks41 (53957 in chips) Seat 7: Nitrite (67449 in chips) Seat 8: chapmoney (116443 in chips) Seat 9: trechbark10 (101442 in chips) polpolpol: posts the ante 200shgammellll: posts the ante 200kingcoles80: posts the ante 200vtlaxer09:
  19. second chance 100r should be sexyyy toooo48k in 200r
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