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  1. Daniel, I read the post from Brian Micon earlier today and now this. I think it'd be really great if you addressed some of the specific things in his article. Specifically, can you address some of your tweets around the time of the NBC HU championship and how they seemed to indicate that you were catching up with old friends or attending to some kind of crisis among a group of your old friends when in fact you were just attending a session with CC. With the 277,000$ you raised for St. Jude's (which I think is great btw), do you know whether or not Choice Center is able to use that
  2. Daniel, I think you should play. If you find yourself in a game with him, I'd be really appreciative if you could bring this up with Howard. There was a guy named Paresh Jain who played online poker for a living. Despite playing hundreds and maybe thousands of tournaments with him, I never met him but my freshman year roommate in college was one of his best friends growing up. Pareshjain killed himself not long after black friday and most people suspect it was partly if not mostly because the majority of his bank/life roll was locked up on FTP. Im sure there are other reasons, just as Im s
  3. pretty much everything mr. sparco said concerning this hand is correct. Preflop is really spewy.Flop needs to be a check/raise so you can jam turn.Turn, you should just turn your hand into a bluffcatcher unless it improves on river. Check/calling is best.River: snap call BBFIDTS
  4. I dont see how this is as terrible as you are saying. Allow me to reconstruct the hand to make sure I'm on the same page.Lets say blinds are 300/600 with a 75 ante. Assuming there are 9 players to begin the hand, the pot is ~1575.Utg opens to 1600, Phil calls 1600 utg2, and player In MP jams 6k total.Pot is now 10,775 and phil has to call just 4400 (he's getting 2.5 to 1) more so obviously this cannot be the terrible part in the hand.The only thing you can be referring to, in my estimate, is Phil's flat call of the original raise. Assuming phil gained 9175 chips in this hand (6k+1575+orig rais
  5. I think he's referring to my post. <3Re:dirtydeeds:Its not really "DN's small ball," as much as it is just playing pot controlled, effective, and good poker.You've bloated the pot so much that once you've flopped top pair you are totally commited to going broke regardless of turn card because of the pot odds you've already created. Its not a terrible strategy for inexperienced players because you get to put a lot of pressure on your opponents and will usually run up a stack or bust. Keeping pots smaller as an inexperienced player is going to allow better, smarter opponents to methodically t
  6. pokerstove whatever you think his range might be based on your experience. If he's capable of jamming 33-77 here because he has no idea what to do with his hand then its a call. If he's peeling with these hands then its way more of a fold.Normally Id give an opponent (in a vacuum) 55,66, 77, 87s,89s,8Ts, and all Fd holdings he could have. Against that range you probably have something like 48% equity or something so you'd have to call based on whats in the pot. I dont have pokerstove on this comp.
  7. 450-500 preflop. 700 on flop. Check/call turn or bet/decide is fine on turn.
  8. 2.5x pre. 40-60% pot on flop; Call raise. Check/call turn, Check/fold river unless sizing is kinda on smaller side.
  9. Lol ridiculous day for poker news. Nick rainey dropped a few bombs about PA and degenyamine on the pokercast. Benyamine apparently 4m in debt with ftp via a random rogue employee. Should be a fun and exciting wsop!
  10. Daniel, does Ivey have any lingering multi year bracelet bets? If so how is this being handled? Is he forfeiting the bets if he cant play this summer?
  11. Just another reason why Phil Ivey is the stone cold nuts.
  12. I dont see why there cant be some 5k hand grudge matches here between Ian and Lurbz/Looshle and Lurbz or Lurbz and I That would seemingly settle everything.
  13. Hey I went on a 90k downer too!
  14. jam turn rose. But its played fine besides that.
  15. k i sent .03$ to sharkscope. I hope thats all i have to do.
  16. ya if anybody wants action ill take w/e u want. I wont be back/playing till monday so ill book then... but not if one of u binks something on sunday
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