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  1. Thanks for the imput guys....I feel I've grown tremendously from that day on, and I really appreciate the feedback.Fayden-- I'm totally agreeing on the 4 bet pre...probably would have scared hiim off his ace rag! This is how I would play that hand these days more than likely..or fold. No mediocre crap! Your turn call is spot on too...it only gives me 12 outs once (i think) and less than that if he's holding a big ace. Should've played this guy more preflop than afterwards, as he was so aggressive and difficult to read....definitely helps my game and thought process..thanksVtlaxer-- thanks as w
  2. When he limped/rr pre I take him off of speculative hands and weaker ranges immediately (Especially with a rr of half your stack---insta fold there!!!) and put him on big pocket pairs and AK. Hell, I'm folding if he's holding napkins at that point if I'm just holding a weak drawing hand like A/broadway. Matter of fact he probably doesn't want to play AK oop anway so close to a bubble and would more than likely raise as opposed to limp in, so it's AA, KK and possibly queens at the very least that he or anyone would limp in with I would think. What was the one mistake you thought you made? I hav
  3. I just want to know where the the constantly producing particles and anti particles came from to begin with and how they head straight back into 'nothing'? Dammit this is confusing.
  4. Yeah, he was 'ok' with playing it that way in my book too I suppose but a few hands could've had him close to/already drawing dead on the turn, let alone the river. Since he's the 'micro pro' he was probably just playing 24 tables at a time and said 'oh top pair/top kicker...all in!" ha! Thanks for sharing the hand Diamond Dixie!
  5. What did you think he put you on tho? I'm thinking he had you on a small to medium pair and unless you hit a set or flopped the nut straight(which he eliminated 5/6 with your preflop call), he had top pair, top kicker there and was in decent shape for show down.
  6. Matthew 7:12 my friend. thanks I'll let you know in the afterlife. I think Dawkins only retaliates when he's placed under a harsh religious based microscope, which is quite often. If the people questioning him are cordial he usually remains that way as well. It's ignorance of the rule of respect (see brvheart response above) towards people that the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Bill Maher and the majority of the media do not adhere to, usually in lieu of a ratings drop, that create the tension that causes him to respond in that manner. You know what beliefs I'd like to see these guys seek out, dire
  7. Ouch. I have feelings too. :)OK... I'm sure I'll regret this but to sorta put a face with the name here's my blog (i hardly ever update) and another site I contribute moreso to.........http://bathill8.deviantart.com http://www.bathilliard.blogspot.com Et tu, Brute? Not a very Christian statement at all. But thanks. I'll be the first to admit that I was initially trying to steer the focus towards more poker related matters, but as they say, if you can't beat them, join them. And I'm not at all trying to be detrimental to your point of view. In fact, mine sort of coincides with some of what yo
  8. Not quite. I don't necessarily buy into the fact that Christianity depends on the bible solely by itself. It's merely a vehicle. Just like the origins of species doctrine is a vehicle. Christianity is dependent upon faith... same as the evolutionary theory. Now let me throw some scripture out there that can maybe shed some light on how evolution and the Word can both be true. One arguement against Creationism is that it happened in 7 days correct? How the heck could that be true? But wait....days were possibly just a measure of God's time at this juncture, not man's. Take for instance this:2 P
  9. Yes I do too!.... oh, wait a minute........dammit.
  10. Ah, gotcha.... but sometimes it's fun just to limp in and play them out too! =)
  11. How bout you step in a pile of fire ants and let's hear you profess your love of them! Those lil sobs!!! I was actually just inquiring with rhetorical questions here looking for opinions on the matter. Not actually making a statement. I think we both may have been on the same page there to some degree. But no biggie, I didn't think there was any real hostility amongst us at all. I've read some of the other related threads that grew somewhat hostile, even towards DN back in the day for sharing links and things...... I just wanted an excuse to enjoy a frosty cold beverage. ha!
  12. Lulz...that was fast Dj.... OK so the ant has more value than you (humans)?
  13. Not if you actually say what you believe in and mean it. Unless of course your position on this matter has changed within in the last few months? But on second thought, I don't know you well enough to joke with you on a personal level or for you and I to have this discussion, so therefore, I sincerely apologize. I suppose I can see why you would think it was a 'joke account' with that statement though, so I understand completely. No angle shooting, other than I was just saying that it is interesting that the religion threads seem to have more response from people than the poker strategy thre
  14. Hmm. I wouldn't want to shove 100bb into a 3bb pot without a given situation warranting it (can't think of one to be honest), if that's what you're asking? Personally I'd rather try to gain some equity on every street with aces by narrowing down the field going into the flop with a nice sized raise or 3bet and try to play from there as opposed to shoving. I don't like getting it all in preflop except on very rare occasions.... not having enough fold equity being the major one. You?
  15. Hmm.. well, I guess I'd be in good company then if that's what you think. But here ya go............ It should never be hard to pin down how a human life is more important than an ant, or any beast or 'species' as you like to say. But basically, I was kidding with you. All kidding aside, let's just drop it, because as I said, you are only going to grow increasingly tilted (to use a poker term here) and continue to call me confusing, contrary or dense or whatever. Thing is, I dont tilt so it does no good. And I'm relatively new to the forum so forgive me if I get on the wrong side of you guys.
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