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  1. After MP's min reraise, your call and then the big reraise from UTG its hard to think of a scenario where AK is good here. Best case scenario is that you're up against QQ and JJ. If you miss your hand you're folding. If you hit your hand its unlikely you get paid. Actually the best case is that one is going nuts with AQ, and if they are you're going to get their money in the long term anyways, so wait for a better spot. Dump it.
  2. Why would I want people to bluff me more? Because I feel confident enough to catch them most of the time. As long as I realize what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, and then I adjust my game accordingly I don't mind. Plus, I wanted to see the other guy's hand and when I show my hand he feels somewhat more compelled to show his. I feel like I can do more with the information he gives me than he can do with the information I give him.
  3. I agree with this. My default line with these types of hands is to play them like I would if I flopped a set or two pair. Play aggressively with big draws and it mixes up your play and makes your harder to read.
  4. Oh, I usually don't. I just did it to ensure that I got to see his hand. Plus I keep track of all the information I give out voluntarily and use that against people later (because I'm awesome, see AK post above).
  5. I actually bought in for 300, but was still up a little. I was pretty surprised to be bluffed on a board like that, but I wasn't worried. I just wanted to make sure that my laydown was straightforward because some at the table were pretty shocked that I mucked such a strong hand. I just couldn't see a hand I could beat without it being a big bluff, or MAYBE a big draw (Ad10d, Kd10d, etc). Weird hand.
  6. Whatever, so I thought for forever and couldn't think of a hand that would call the flop raise and then move in the turn on such a scary board that I could beat. I knew that he thought I had an overpair and thought I'd pay him off so I figured it was either a set, kq, maybe j10, or a suicide bluff. So I told the guy I'd pay him $10 if he could show me a bluff and I folded face up. Two people fainted at the table, telling me how bad I play. He turned over AKo. Hahahaha. Phil Helmuth can dodge bullets, I can dodge people throwing their entire stacks at me.
  7. I don't think that's necessarily true. A lot of people would check behind with a hand like J10, or 1010, but would likely call a bet if they suspected a bluff from us.
  8. Is he the type to check behind on the river with a marginal hand though? I've seen lots of LAGs that will be aggressive but then check behind on the river instead of put in a marginal value bet. I would honestly lean towards leading this river unless I knew that he was aggressive on the river and is known to value bet light.
  9. I think reads are important here. If you're playing against someone who is a standard player then you can raise to add some fold equity and potentially buy yourself some outs if someone has A10 or something like that. If you're against a calling station then you just call in position and hope to catch your draw.
  10. Hahaha, I know. I just figured that out because I remembered the bet sizes and went backwards from there. What do we put him on that would play like this? Is there anything that would call the flop raise and then open push the turn? Also, is my flop raise ok, or would a flat call perhaps work better to keep the pot small on such a scary board?
  11. Live, 9 handed 1/2 NL game at the Peppermill in Reno. Don't remember all the details so some of the things may not be 100% accurate. The important information should be correct though.Stack sizes:Hero: ~500Villian: 407I had a somewhat LAG image. Had raised a lot of pots with a variety of hands recently. Not many of my hands got to showdown though. Villian is relatively TAG, although he does limp in a lot preflop, so he's somewhat loose. I hadn't seen too many of his hands go to showdown, as we hadn't been at the table together too long and hadn't tangled in too many pots together. At an
  12. Don't you hate it when you're calling someone stupid but you can't even write a coherent sentence
  13. When people do this, more so online than live, but it can be both, they have a strong, but vulnerable hand. Usually when someone raises big like that they have a PP, usually 1010 - QQ, although sometimes lower, with some opponents or AQ/AK. They don't like making decisions after the flop with these hands so they raise huge in order to limit those. Its pretty stupid and if you're deep enough you can usually pick these idiots off. Its sort of that "I don't want to waste a pair" mentality. Be careful though because sometimes tricky opponents will do this with AA and KK in order to look weak
  14. Isn't this kind of the same play Doyle Brunson did against Johnny Moss, except it was K high instead of A high? Thought I saw that on one of those ESPN "Best Hand I Ever Played". Anyways, that said, I agree with others, if you have a read go with it. You ask if we like it, the answer is "maybe".
  15. Its hard to put pressure and force decisions when you're calling off your stack.
  16. i love it when people come to the forum for advice and then scorn everyone who gives them advice
  17. That's what I thought, standard. I couldn't see any way I could fold, so I called. I was pretty sure I was no good when UTG then reraised all in and the CO called...oops. So I did what any self-respecting poker player would do. I sucked out. CO tabled 22 (not surprised), UTG had 9s8s (very surprised). Turn was the 4 and I tripled up
  18. Full Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.25/$0.509 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with UTG calls, 4 folds, CO calls, Hero calls, SB calls, BB checks.Flop: :D ($2.5, 5 players)SB checks, BB bets $2, UTG raises to $6, CO raises to $20, Hero???converter didn't post stack sizes:Hero: 20.45 (i short bought just to see what it was like)UTG: 48.80CO: 51.15So, I meant to fold pf but accidentally called. Oops. But then I get a favorable flop. But then I get moved all in. Don't have any real solid reads on the players. I do know that the CO is a fairly TAG play
  19. I don't mind the flop bet because that is what our opponent obviously will call. Its not my default by any means, but I don't think this opponent is paying attention. He has tp, its the nuts, he's in. So overbetting the pot is fine since the opponent obviously doesn't have a clue. He might be inclined to call down with mid or bottom pair, or call with a straight draw even against bets this big. Its like how the casinos charge you 15 bucks for a hamburger and fries. They do it because they know that you're too lazy to walk outside the casino and buy a reasonably priced meal. If you've go
  20. Stack sizes? In general, I don't mind it because, unless the villian is a complete donk, you will be able to better define your hand and their's. Its rare though that you'll get action from a worse hand, so if you get played back at you will have to dump it.
  21. QFT. If the villian is going to raise it makes more sense to bet out, they will raise, then you can push and get it in much easier that way.
  22. Yeah, the one time I played I can remember, at most 6 hands I played. Only one wasn't all in pre flop and that one should have been all in, but I was trying to coax a donkey into doubling me up, which we did by the river. So pretty much every hand I played was an all in. My tournament lasted about 2 hours also.
  23. What I was referring to earlier was that yes, basically you bet whatever you think your opponent will call, but that will also give him incorrect odds. So, if you know your opponent has a straight draw, but you know they won't call a pot sized bet with it, then you bet less than the pot, but more than they need to get the correct odds. If you know that your opponent will call an all in with a straight draw (as I personally believe this type of opponent would) then you should get all of your chips in the middle. The key though is to bet enough so that they will put in the maximum amount of m
  24. ps. you should post this in the nl holdem strategy section. you'll get more serious answers.
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