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  1. yeah I probably reraise preflop, and I think if he has you beat on the flop he is coming over the top of you, so it's pretty pointless to c/r the flop and c/f the turn. If youre gonna c/r, then bet the turn. Or just call flop if you're not sure where you stand
  2. pot is 700 and everyone agrees shoving 7x the pot is clear?Huh?
  3. 55 is a fold UTG imo, makes it easier to avoid this whole situation
  4. no reads I would give him the benefit of the doubt and fold. I also suggest raising to like 5500 instead of wasting all those chips when you have to fold, and not giving away your hand by 4xing it with 10 10
  5. what are you kidding meI'm sorry I didn't know
  6. Since when is the Chip Reese avatar the latest new trend?! lol, I gotta get that....my AIM name is NEtwowilldo, hit me up whenever, I'm always on
  7. 5/8Southrnctowl on starsCome cheer me on!
  8. 7/9Southrnctowl on starsCome Cheer me on!!
  9. For the record, I hate all minraisers. They are not inconspicuous. "Youre pretty much on the bubble, you put in a raise to 30% of the effective stacks (I assume you were covered) and get called. Youre in deep trouble! His range is extremely narrow hereunless hes a total donk or youve been playing like a maniac. "Knowing they bought in for $5 each, I'm assuming its the prior.
  10. Why is he raising 10x?And, assuming player 1 is button, 2 is SB, and 3 is BB, why is player 2, the savvy seasoned pro, calling a 10x raise OOP with K 7?
  11. Slowplaying on the flop is ok, but on the turn, he obviously likes his hand, so at least make a small raise, and if he folds then he had nothing anyways. On the turn he has 1000 left behind after the 430 bet, if you raise him 500 more I dont think he's going anywhere, and by this point he'll see that he has to play for his whole stack and will likely fold if he has absolutely nothing (which isnt likely) or just go all in. Just get the money in when you have the best hand. Letting him catch up a little is ok, but not all the way.
  12. I'll share something with you all that I learned in a heated thread I had several months ago, and that is that there is no added value of your tournament life. Blindly obeying pot odds, as long as you are doign your calculations correctly and accurately assigning ranges, is the only way to go in tournaments. There was one WSOP final table this year where phil had like 5 BBs on the button and minraised with K 6 off, and folded to a shove. I don't care who you are, that is a horrible play every single time. The real mistake is raising with a hand you're not going to commit with. There was a
  13. You need to realize that slowplaying will likely get you to a showdown where you can proudly show down your strong hand, but it doesnt get any money into the pot when you have the best hand. You're only getting paid if he has something anyways so you might as well bet.
  14. If he is a donkey like you say, he will call on the turn with an ace or a flush draw.Shove turn and stop slowplaying, its bad for you.
  15. Final table of the $11 rebuy.Southrnctowl on stars4/9Come cheer me on!!
  16. Yeah I came third, for $2700.Lost a big pot when I raised from SB with AQ three handed. BB calls, and I flop top 2. I lead he calls. Turn K, I check, he checks. River is a baby putting backdoor clubs out. I bet 200K and he raises 310 more. I jsut call and he flips J 10. That put me at the shortstack.Thanks for the support guys.
  17. 3/9I won this tournament back in June, so hopefully I can do it again!southrnctowl on stars, come cheer me on!
  18. 4th in $16.50 360 max and 7th in $3 rebuy$1,000ish overall
  19. $3r 7/7$16.50 360max 2/4Southrnctowl on stars.Take your pick and come cheer me on!
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