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  1. while everyone was sleeping waiting to see what was going on with Brady, I went ahead and picked up Cassel - I think he'll be better than people think. I mean, he's been behind Brady for like 3 years now? Even a retarded monkey would've learned something.
  2. sorry I didn't get a chance to say bye, I found out via CJ's facebook page the party was moved to Kyle's only to not be able to get in touch with you all day. Never been to his place so I have no idea where he even lives...sucks, even Sarah was coming out!Have a safe trip d00d, I'm sure we'll keep in touch via AIM and FCP
  3. This is my first time doing fantasy football, I totally forgot about the draft but think I made out okay. I think I may need another QB and perhaps an upgrade @ TE. Here's my team:David Garrard (Jac - QB)JaMarcus Russell (Oak - QB)Jonathan Stewart (Car - RB)Matt Forte (Chi - RB)Ahman Green (Hou - RB)Ladell Betts (Was - RB)Randy Moss (NE - WR)Reggie Wayne (Ind - WR)Marques Colston (NO - WR)Chad Johnson (Cin - WR)Joey Galloway (TB - WR)Marty Booker (Chi - WR)Laurent Robinson (Atl - WR)Vernon Davis (SF - TE)Alge Crumpler (Ten - TE)Adam Vinatieri (Ind - K) Mason Crosby (GB - K)Pittsburgh (Pit
  4. I would say that chuffed means along the lines of excited, something like that anyways.
  5. well I'm not getting any younger or better looking so I figured I'd lock in while I could
  6. weeeeee, hello boyswell, I did it - I'm officially engaged. Date is set, ready to go!
  7. well boys, I'm about to head out for a week's vacation in Central Maine where there is no internet, no cell phone service, and probably no TV. I expect to be well rested upon my return...oh, and engaged to the love of my life. Wish me luck you bastards!
  8. http://www.skype.com/andhttp://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx
  9. in my case, I did it for free - I'm just trying to exploit myself if the price is right.
  10. so how much money are we talking here? Cause I could dig up a tape of me, dancing by myself (like luau-hula style) to Girl from Ipanema if the price was right...
  11. I'd like to officially take this post to confirm my love for dim sum - Nate man, we gotta hit up this place before you leave. STICKY BUNS Y0H!
  12. serves you right for not inviting me *******!
  13. I would never had heard of her if it wasn't for FCP - I would imagine she doesn't play the stakes I play so I would probably never see her name.
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