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  1. Reminded me of a way toned down version of JackAss...with betting. I'm in for the long haul...or 4 episodes, whichever one is longer
  2. most sportsbooks were listing this game as "No Action." At least the ones I know of. So if you had a parlay bet consisting of say 3 games, it would go down to a 2 game parlay. If you placed a straight on either team, you should get your wager back. Not sure if this is true at your sportsbook...I would double check the rules like everyone else has already said.
  3. The NY Rangers? I don't have a Stars acct., but I've never been the first to post on a stakeament...so I thought I'd take a shot at the answer...lol.
  4. iTunes? You might be able to find some Podcasts...just a guess, not sure though.
  5. At the risk of getting flamed on here for being a youth pastor...or "One of God's head honchos." The passage that Daniel was referring to had to with the fact that the man in the passage worshiped money over God. Jesus didn't reprimand him for having money...rather for worshiping it over God. Jesus knew this man's heart, and he knew that money was the most important thing to him...and that his relationship with God was suffering because of it. I don't think is the case with Daniel....and even if it is....the man in the article has no right calling him out on it. The Bible also teaches that
  6. Anyone else in?...this is my first time (won a satellite). GL to anyone else who's is in.
  7. Just took it down...I'm in the 30K.....woohooo
  8. What is this multi-tasking that you speak of?? Actually I'm in a satellite right now for the 30K guar....so I may (fingers crossed) be playing in that.
  9. Thinking about it, but my Warriors are gonna be beating (errrrr...I mean playing) the Mavs in game 2 of the playoffs in about 45 min....decisions decisions.
  10. I'm getting worked over in the $2 rebuy, so everything looks pretty much normal to me
  11. I'm movin to CO in a month....I'll have to look you up....that's if you let newbies in on your home games.
  12. First the internet, now global warming....what will that d0uche bag make up next?
  13. My school had a casino set up on Grad night. We played with fake chips that you could later cash in for prizes...no money involved. Not sure where I stand on the prom kids playing for real $$$...but I don't have a problem playing for prizes.
  14. It may be at the end of the strip and the cardroom isn't anything to write home about...but if you're going for pure relaxation, you should give Mandalay Bay some consideration. It's by far my favorite resort, and that's exactly what it feels like...a resort. And you can't beat the constant sun-tan/coconut oil flavored air that they pump in through the ventilation system...I think I once got high off of it Oh, and the sportsbook kicks a$$.
  15. gl bro...I don't have chat so I'm silently railing...TID.
  16. I did want to win it...but then when I got to heads up I realized that the $100 would come in a little more handy right now than a buy-in to a tournament that I may not even place in. I guess I just went for the sure thing. Like I said, maybe I'll end up regretting it...but it's the choice I made and now I have to live with it.
  17. I can't argue with anything you just said and I really do appreciate the advice. It may even come back to bite me in the end....but the $100 will get me a few more buy-ins which will also get me some good practice. Granted it won't be of the higher stake variety, but I guess I'll have to live with that. Seriously though...I appreciate the words, TY.
  18. Sorry I'm short on funds, down to my last $20 until this winDidn't mean to disappoint...lol.
  19. Just finished it...I took second for $100 and he got a $200+16 buy in. I was down to 600 chips at one point and came all the way back...(brag).
  20. No because the damn competitive side of me won't let me lost to him...damn competitive side
  21. this guy is so bad that I can't even purposely lose to him....wtf?
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