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  1. I guess I just keep hearing all these fans on KNBR talk about how 'untouchable' Alderson and Bumgardner (sp?) are, but I just wonder how many of those people really know who these guys are, and how many of them just hear a name and take a stand based solely on that. Like I said, I guess I'm just speaking as a frustrated A's fan who never gets to see his team buy...it's always sell sell sell.
  2. Really? I don't understand this. Sabean gets ripped and ripped for not doing anything, then when he does, Giants fans are still not happy. I mean have any of the Giants fans in here really ever seen Alderson pitch? How good is he really? Is he really not worth trading for a possibility at getting to the playoffs this year? As an A's fan, I only wish my team was in position to make trades for guys like Garko and Sanchez. Maybe I'm outta line here, but I'd rather be playing for this year, and not for 4-5 years down the road. A's fans are friggin force-fed the future. I'm just so sick of
  3. dip the fries in sauce as well, you'll never know they were cold/soggy.
  4. He gets in for inventing the term 'slump buster' alone. I just heard that Rickey actually went to Laney college in Oakland and practiced his speech on a speech class and had them critique it...simply awesome.
  5. I just read this entire thread from page 1 and I just have 1 thing to say.....THANK YOU!!!!!
  6. Rickey appreciates what you said about Rickey.
  7. You're thinking of the 'Hicks of Fame.' Today was really all about 1 person...Ricky baby!! I'll be at the A's/Toronto game this coming Saturday for the A's tribute to Ricky...can't wait!
  8. I just wanna see my SJ Sharks play for the cup, I don't even care if they don't win, I just wanna be at the Shark tank for a Stanley Cup Finals game.
  9. no problem...as long as we win at least 2 championships within those 8 years
  10. I know that's it waaaaaaaaaay too early to tell, but as of right now I like this trade a lot. The A's actually passed over him in the draft and I think Beane regretted that. Michael Urban wrote a column talking about how they really missed the boat by not drafting him. I just like the fact that this gives us a pretty solid replacement for Chavez if/when he retires next year. I really like the future infield possibility of Wallace/Weeks/Barton and Green. Along with our young pitchers, I'm pretty excited about the next few years.
  11. Awesome game Buehrle, congrats Sox fans...But please, for the love of all things holy...KEEP HAWK HARRELSON OFF OF MY RADIO!!!!!/rant.
  12. Having some Fideo (sort of a Mexican Spaghetti) looks a little like this...with Beans and tortillas...Mmmmmmmmmm.
  13. haha, just realized how many times I used "relaxing." It really is though. We actually stayed at the Grand Residence Marriott, the Heavenly Gondola is just out our window...very cool. Yeah, it's really hard to describe the vibe out there during the tournament...it's really cool to have that kind of access to your favorite players and celebs. They are all so accomadating, but at the same time the people respect their "space." The best time I had was 2 years ago when I sat down to play 3/6 at Harvey's and realized I was sitting just across from former MLB'er Vince Coleman. I'm not a Cardin
  14. Silly rabbit, Hops are for men
  15. IPA's are teh yummy...Double IPA's FTW!
  16. Was this at Cabo Wabo? My buddies and I were there earlier in the day on Thursday and the waitress said that it would be packed later that night. We make it a point to be there every year for the tournament, it's just such a relaxing time. We also usually run into a few celebs/athletes at the poker tables. But like you said, it's just so relaxed that it's not a big deal to sit down at the table across from someone like a Barkley or a Gretzky. It's what makes it so enjoyable and relaxing.
  17. 3rd inning: Twinkies 12 A's 2Final Score A's 14 Twinkies 13aaaaaaand that's how we do....at least for tonight
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