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  1. with stack sizes, i don't think either decision is wrong tbh; table dependent here definitely...i love calling w/ 88-99, 77 just seems to be right on the boarder tho
  2. that's a misclick...get it innnnn
  3. meh, i've requested checks here recently and the longest it's taken a check to get here has been 6 days...yoloooo
  4. jacks is a pretty tough hand to get in this game!
  5. open smaller pre and i doubt i fold 99 as played...but i'm a fish
  6. move up in stakes to where they respect your raises
  7. nah, don't do something like that corv...even though these sites aren't the greatest, wouldn't want to have both accounts locked and have the site hold the money
  8. i mean, sorry rose, but when you play on a site like that, which still offers to US players, you need to know the risk behind it
  9. The thing w the 2 week playoff is that it is good, but usually goes into week 17 when a lot of teams rest their stars for the postseason.
  10. Can we make the flex position TE as well?
  11. think w/ 12 teams, rather have 2 wr. I'm always a fan of ppr leagues and think that the playoffs should be 4 still. Obviously think that a league vote or w/e to be fair
  12. meh, just an assumption. if you got a donation double when you had kangs on the ft bubble, you were welcome lolol
  13. Was this the afternoon 109? I think I spewed to you pretty hard lol
  14. Gotta wait for the cameras to get to our table guys!
  15. I mean, when pokerstars is getting accused of having a superuser, I think one of the most outspoken representatives would have a really good opinion on this story... http://quadjacks.com...theater-ensues/ and the guys 2p2 post http://forumserver.t...506&postcount=1
  16. you can see your equity on the flop as well, not just pre
  17. not a huge fan at all of the 3bet here pre given your description of the table dynamics, as well as realizing how shallow the stacks are. To answer the question of calling this on the flop, we should look to our good ol' friend 'pokerstove' and calculate our equity against what ranges you think they have to see if it +ev to call! I'm too lazy to do that right now, but i think you'll learn more by doing that yourself
  18. well if everyone is more bluffy at this table, then why do you have a question about calling this river?
  19. meh, rather cib pre, but i think after that I don't mind how it was played too much.
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