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  1. I've been running into this little issue quite a few times in the last weeks so I figured I should consult with others as to what's the best approach to a table which is filled with fishes. To make it more clear as to what I'm talking about, I'm going to write down an example. I've been playing a 10k starting stack tournament with starting blinds of 25/50 raising every fifteen minuttes, which by my estimation averaged only around 10-12 hands per level and you were allowed to do add-ons after first eight levels of double the starting stack, so basically if you consider the ammount of hands you get to play and the stack size, it's sort of like a super-turbo. In this kind of scenario I see myself trying to play a wider range of hands and raising more frequently, but that's where the problem came, I was surounded by a lot of fishes that pretty ignored my 3x or even 5x raise. By that logic I should play super tight and aggresive, but the blinds would just eat me up. So I want to know what do you think is the best approach to that kind of game? To prove you that they litteraly are able to call pretty much any hand I'll give you an example of my last beat. I had A9s on the button, there was an UTG1 limp and the rest of the players folded, so I raised it 5x to try and take the pot right there, both of the blinds folded and to my surprise the limper called, flop came 379 rainbow, so I had top pair and top kicker, I bet approximately 60 percent of the pot to see if he had an over-pair and he just flat called me and the turn came another 9, that's where I thought that even if he had an overpair or somekind of 9 hand that would of called a 5x raise pre-flop, I would either chop the pot or win it even against a very loose player, so I made a 50 percent of the pot raise and he once again just flat-called me. River came a 4 which didn't change much so I raised around 10 percent of the pot thinking he missed out, giving him very good odds to make a call and he just raised all-in which was only like 5BB's over what I made and he turned up 9-3 which was a full-house, sure he caught two pair on the flop, but how was I suppose to put him on anything like that? this was one of the most terrible plays there, but the concept remains the same,you can expect a call with basically any range of hands, so in this kind of turbo, what's the best approach, super tight and super aggresive to risk the blinds eating you and hoping to hit some good cards, or to play a bit wider range of hands and risk the fishes fishing their things while having no idea what they went to the pot with?
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