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  1. Anyone know when Phil Ivey will play? Will he even play?
  2. It's not all about making points. I guess you didint see game 2.
  3. Those are all perfect hits.
  4. Anyone know where I can download Pro-Am Equalizer episodes? I tried pokerbay but can't get the files to start to download
  5. Yeah Its been posted 100x times. And I still think Ivey should get paid. And Ivet should give em an apology and admit that he lied about the shots. IF this is true.
  6. So they don't paying Ivey is OK? Thats even worse then lying about how much you have improved lately.Pay up for the love of god.
  7. Wow bad luck Daniel. Lets hope Ivey can put a show. He got 30k chips at the moment
  8. Is Ivey gonna play? And I hope jamie gold gets owned. =P
  9. Thank you. But WOW what a slow FTP-server. Thanks a lot still
  10. Congrats to E-dog. Even tho i wanted DN or Ivey to win it =)
  11. Congrats DN. Even more chips then you said you would have. WAY TO GO! Keep it up
  12. How often does it update? Its still 42k for DN
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