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  1. all i know is they are expecting 60-90 peoplethey are paying top 9$15 goes to charity and $100 goes to the priz pool.Jefferson Tap is on Jefferson and Fulton. I'm sure they will have a nice setup, they have hosted these in the past, they have a large open loft area upstairs.
  2. There is a $115 tourney this Saturday-noon at the Jefferson Tap.
  3. I thought you might be in the city, i'm not driving out to broadview
  4. I can play today at 2where is the place?
  5. hey kurt, i cant see the evite, whats the nameof the bar?
  6. i'm going to head up there tomorrow and play the noon.
  7. i can probably host, need a table or some stools to play around my island. i have 4
  8. i had to come out of hiding for this one. Nice job! Great job at the WSOP too, stay focused
  9. can someone get me the details? i'll go to the boats for sure, not sure about going to Palos
  10. http://www.heartlandpokertour.com/coming to majestic star this weekcheck the schedule, they actually started 1 and 2 table sngs already. Whos with me in playing a few of these? let me know i'll be headed up there quite frequently to qualify in the $560 buy in and hopefully qualify for the $2700 main event on 3/24
  11. just a rant, wifey is asleepthanks for listening
  12. final table in the 4.5ki am 3rd in chips with 100k, blinds 3000/60002 limpers i raise to 22k with AA, 1 caller (the other stack with 100k)QQ10 flop i push for 78khe calls with AK (WTF?) turn J and i'm out 9thso sick, but i am getting deep in the $25k....come rail
  13. WORD!wifey is going out of town this weekend, I'll host if want to get this together friday or saturday. Otherwise I'm up for whatever. let me know, my AIM is commoncents1330
  14. sounds fun, we can sit in a circle on he floor and use pennies as chips?just kidding!!!!i'm willing to host as well, I'm in the west loop. does Suited up still play? if so that makes 4. lets try and do a sunday game since there is no more football
  15. went bust (kinda ) and have been building back since december. i had a few cashes on bodog and been playing well in the 300 max game at majestic star recently loging some long hours. so I'm back!i'm up for a game, lets get the gang back together.
  16. nice hit yesterday hoosier. i'm probably heading to the midwest regional poker championship this weekend. gl in LA if you go
  17. did you hear the show? Jamie said their contracts are up soon also.
  18. Did anyone hear Jamie Gold on the Circuit say that bodog is pulling out of the US market?Is there any more info on this or is he just bitter cause they let him go?
  19. i'm still in with 140 leftavg stack
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