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  1. I sense a veiled threat of physical violence coming...
  2. Wow...this is a great thread, thanks for all the insights. Congrats Naked........and follow Seac's advice, sleep now!
  3. Happy New Year everyone!!!:Dedit: ooh jeez there's like a brazillion 'happy new year' threads...I'm supposed to be in the EST one
  4. Yep, had AK. I knew you had an A or a J in that other hand too...but I had to see it after flooping broadway
  5. lol Jan99 being decidedly LESS infamous Meager winnings...Gallo got most of his back off me lol.GL Ace
  6. lololol or loul if you are from Canada
  7. Congrats PMJ Your avatar pains me
  8. No kidding, freakin death traps lol There were 2 other poles with transformers snapped in half and dangling by the wires on our street. Last night utility guys replaced the one at bottom of our driveway. They say we might get power back tonight.Have to thank them...the crew working in our area are from New Jersey and are putting in long days for sure.edit: "Be careful people... stay safe. Lock up your daughters."Ew...Vanilla ice ice baby. lol
  9. 1 word: ICENo power for 7 days. Nobody hurt, no damge to house.....can't complain :Dedit: oh shoot...sorry for the size of that photo
  10. LOL great find.Give that doggie a jug of rum and an avalanche beacon and put him to work!
  11. HA....those are a riot! My 4 1/2 year old daughter laughed too
  12. Hmm sounds like you'll be evicting yourself unless you become a bank holding company. Balloon Guy Productions Limited Bank Holdings.
  13. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, UAE.... obv.Hey BG, been wondering how business is for your commercial real estate buildings/rent?(serious question if you feel like answering it)
  14. 3sTeam3399 hurry...we HAVE to get a piece of Troyomac
  15. "There will come a time when you walk through a door, a door you've entered your whole life, and something will be wrong. Someone is gone. Someone has died. Someone is lost. Some one is UNAVAILABLE.That's the real clincher isn't it. UNAVAILABLE. That word will haunt you for the rest of your life, and it will give you headaches and nausea until you accept it and REMEMBER. That's all you have to do: REMEMBER"I've found this not to be true.But the 'smile' part is good.
  16. Absolutely!Hey...I'm going to get Yoda or Seacucumber or 3s to enter the 4.40 challenge with me.... now that you are in it
  17. Hmmm why do I check out the FCP forums? Oh yeah, for Balloon Guy's posts. (nutso right wing nutjob that he is)
  18. Good luck...hope you feel better soon.Hi
  19. That looks like our 401K :(Congrats on Featured Member Acid....GL hope you turn that chart around!
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