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  1. Pulp Fiction was robbed by Forrest Gump.Sorry Shawshank lovers, but it didn't deserve to win.
  2. Lincecum gave up runs 3-5 because Bochy ran him out there like a fucking moron in the 7th inning when he was already at 115 pitches.kthxbyeggnore
  3. No, he basically destroyed his arm trying to win the Series. Here'sa good ESPN article about him that year. He had nothing.http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/eticket/print?page=nen
  4. Nen was pitching injured that whole postseason.Worrell was pretty good that year. He wasn't a bad pitcher until he left the Giants after 2003.Dusty in that series started Shinjo, a defensive specialist who wasn't much of a hitter, at DH (seriously) and put Kenny Lofton in center field (seriously).Livan over Rueter in Game 7 was a complete disgrace. Livan was awful that year except for Game 4 of the series against the Braves.And the team was completely flat in Game 7, too.I'm glad I'm thinking about this. I wasn't angry enough before. Time to go punch a baby.
  5. Beckett's good, but you got Hanley in that trade.I'd call that a good deal.
  6. Every third and fourth round pick is going to have problems. I have no issues at all with the Giants taking Kieschnick and Crawford, who are both high-ceiling guys who need some work. Crawford was a great prospect a couple years ago. Maybe he still has that potential and maybe he doesn't, but he's worth a fourth-round pick to find out.
  7. My FP impression: "Welcome to AT&T Park, home of the Giants. When I was on the Giants, which was a few years back when I was a major league baseball player, we played in Candlestick. As a former baseball player, I can tell you that this is a nicer park than Candlestick, where I played. And did you guys know I was a professional baseball player? It's true! Now let me tell you the story of the time Barry Bonds called me 'awesome'. He would later say he was talking about his recliner, but everyone in that clubhouse, like me, FP Santangelo, former professional baseball player, knew that
  8. Miller's CrossingBig LebowskiNo CountryFargoBarton FinkBlood SimpleOh Brother Where Art ThouRaising ArizonaHudsucker ProxyThe man that wasn't thereIntolerable Cruelty. I never was a big fan of Hudsucker, and I never got around to seeing The Ladykillers.
  9. Not reluctantly, but I like them. And by "them" I guess I mean "him"Close enough.
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