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  1. LOL at people who play on electronic tables, you could just stay home and get raped by the RCG
  2. www.cashmanbrian.comBut doesnt look liek they are sellign $T atmi cant find many places to buy T$
  3. Just wondering, if u win a seat for say the ME, do they credit your account with 10k like full tilt does, or must you play the event?Cheers
  4. Hate it, zomg so closePokerStars Game #9904999997Just 3 hands off, sat down at a 10/25c table because saw it was coming hehe, o well.
  5. This is when you are trying to create a new account, not just log in on another account
  6. learn omaha 8ob, low limits are a gold mine.
  7. Thanks,How did you get by the "we only allow one account per computer problem"I have the only windows computer in my house, everyone else on macs, so cant even make one on them and use it. Tried deleting cookies and temp files, but didnt help,
  8. Well finally turning 18 in about 2 weeks, so legally allowed to gamble in Australia, currently been using my mums, but want to make a new account with my information etc. Does PS allow you to email them and shut down an account?or whats best way to go about itCheers
  9. cool, thanks for your help so far.Just finished 13th and 17th in another two.Just seem to can't get all the way, hopefully you can help with the later part.
  10. Wondering if anyone wants to have a look through hh for any pointers, is some mistakes in there. But yea, should have gone top 3 in this, but big suckout at endAny help appreciated.http://www.pokerxfactor.com/HH60583/13173_20070510_080203
  11. Went out in 6thAJ < 67 Pushed from cut off, was down to 10bb, guy called all his chips in with 68.
  12. $5 on Full tilt8/8at 20bb, so still sitting all right.FlopNutsOnYouis my name if anyone wishes to rail.Usually way better player at omaha 8ob, got poker x factor 2 days, and now a final table, seem to be good so far
  13. would want more then 25% i think
  14. ROFL at did i miss something
  15. Got poker x factor, a few days ago, had some spare money around home, and thought it can't ham my game. Liked it so far.
  16. As you stated, much easier if you just muck this pf :POn the turn you are beat for sure i would say, i would put him on a flush. So fold i think, unless you feel like gambling, and hope for the re draw, but then he can't have the k:club: or a:club:, so could well be drawing dead.I saw fold.
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