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  1. I bought the wrong kind of poker chips and would like to buy the chips that are used in wpt events. I have ABS composite chips and dont like them cause they dont stack well at all. I want chips that stack well and that are solid colors. I want red, white, green, and black. I like the chips that are used in wpt events but searched and couldn't find them. Any help is appreciated. I tried google and ebay and couldn't find what I'm looking for.
  2. I slow rolled some super loose guy playing 5 -10 nl . I was losing a shit load of money and this one hand the guy raised to 50 and I called with kq spades. The guy bets 50 and I call a rag flop with two overs and 1 spade cause I put him on nothing. The turn is a rag spade and bets 200 which puts me all in if I call which I did. The river is a red 4 and the SOB SAYS I have a 4 and turns over J 4 offsuit . I'm down a grand and he starts talking smack that I shouldn't have called him so I start calling him an ahole and tell him to shut the F Up. Anyways I buy in for my last 100 which is the ma
  3. Everyday lurker not joke acctJust was wondering wtf he calls mike i think its just jibberish tho
  4. What does KGB say at the end of the movie after mike says he flopped the straight?He raises his hands up and says mother f'rand he says something that I couldn'tunderstand he says You ....Anyone know? Just curious
  5. Why hasnt anyone flamed this guy after posting those handhistories??? Are you fricking kidding me... I rarely play omahabut those calls, raises, and all ins are some of theworst moves i have ever seen!If this moron doesnt take his money and run he will be begging for changeon the street.
  6. invisible deck is a magic deck i have the same deck ...i like magic but i suck at it...any card you think of will be face down in the deck
  7. thx for the info ... any more info would be appreciated or if someone could link that old post
  8. i wanna know the different buy ins, starting chip counts, structures, and pay outs if possible.... sit and go only 1,2, and 3 table if possible .... i saw a post with most of the info but cant find it...i'm going out jun 28 to jul 1
  9. tried to search couldnt find it....
  10. If you had to stake someone in a live 10 player sit n go that cost 250 dollars ....what percentage of the profit would be fair for me?
  11. 9300 at break in on a 13 dollar double shootout
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