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  1. http://www.pokertableratings.com/blog/2010...on-poker-stars/
  2. Posted 8 minutes ago by BlocoDaBarra The action folded to Marcel Vonk in the small blind, and he moved all in. In the big blind, Nathan Jessen called for less.ShowdownVonk: J SEVEN OFF SUITED!Jessen: 77 OFF SUITED!The board, gave Jessen a full double up. Jessen is now up to 1,080,000 chips.wp good shove man.
  3. I am looking to sell some W$...can anyone here give me a good/fair price for them?
  4. Is your cashout still in the "pending cashout" process? Mine is and I cashed out on June 8th. It's a joke really
  5. I cashed out on June 8th via cheque and it's still in the "pending cashouts" on my account...did you cash out through echecks or regular check?
  6. WESTERN UNION...fees suck but if you need it that bad...or PM me I may be able to hook you up!
  7. I cashed out on June 8th and am experiencing this same problem. Actually my check hasn't even went through the "pending cashout" process. I guess they are backed up a ton. Good luck to us!
  8. It says "No Local Object" wtf does that mean?
  9. had to reboot the computer running slow
  10. I logged off at break in the main event and now I cant get back on. It says unable to log in contact loginsupport@fulltiltpoker.com...anyone else have this problem?
  11. At least they responded to you I have been waiting over a month sent multiple emails and no responses........
  12. Mine still hasn't made it from May 7th...should I be worried?
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