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  1. Well, there's at least 1 thing wrong there. MU will beat KU. OK-MU in the Big 12 Championship game.
  2. Obviously....I just don't really know what kinda value he has around the league. His constant shoulder problems have worn thin here honestly.
  3. Johan Santana is probably the one guy available who there is NO prospect who is untouchable. Pitching is at such a premium, and this guy is THE BEST. Of course, you'd want to be able to work out an extension....
  4. Apparently Rolen to the Twins is a hot rumor right now...but i don't really see how MN takes that contract.
  5. Now we're getting somewhere. Bad defensive players often get gold gloves (the Jeter argument helps prove that). So the idea that Coaches are infallible when it comes to voting is pretty ridiculous. Also, I don't see what winning a world series last year has to do with individual awards.Agreeing w/ the above, there is no way to refute, he's more agile, gets to more balls, etc., as it's merely an opinion unless you provide proof. Martin did get 3 more DPs turned than Molina...in about 30 more games...so the DP/9 is fairly close. Zone Rating: Molina: 1.000 , Martin: .97
  6. Am I to believe then that more people running on Molina would result in more successful attempt %? The Guy has the highest % of thrown out runners in MLB history atm. I doubt more attempts would change that too much. It's kind of funny that the gold glove went to the catcher who committed the most errors (and yes, his errors per game rate was higher than Molina's as well - so don't play the games played argument).Face it, Martin got credit in the gold glove voting for his offense, plain and simple.
  7. Just to address this, in games not started by Molina, basestealers were caught only 5 times in 35 attempts. The only legitimate argument people can have is games played (although that didn't stop them from giving Rafael Palmeiro a GG when he had played only something like 30 games at first one year). Ah, who cares, I'll go with the statistical analysis and look at the fielding bible awards anyway: http://www.fieldingbible.com/
  8. Russell Martin... Playing lots of games at the position doesn't make you the best defensive catcher. I thought this was pretty obviously the year for Yadier Molina.Also, glad they didn't keep giving it to Rolen on reputation...the guy didn't deserve it at all this season.
  9. He's a good player actually. My biggest beef w/ him the last couple years, he's pretty consistently either been injured, or dealing w/ nagging injuries. Only averaged 120 games the last 2 years. We have enough people on the team who have injury issues (Rolen, Edmonds, the SP staff, etc). They'll bring him back if the price is right, and there's nothing wrong w/ that. But he needs to prove he can get other the injury bug IMO.
  10. The 2007 Diamondbacks had a great bullpen that allowed them to win an inordinate amount of 1 run games and win 92, even though their Pythagorean Theorem of wins suggested they shouldn't have won nearly as much.Desire and heart will only take you so far. Talent is necessary.
  11. If all you truly had was 9 Ecksteins, you wouldn't win a whole lot of games. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but any more than 1 or 2 of him and you could have problems.
  12. At least now we know who'll be making the call on him...and everyone else.Grats to John Mozeliak.
  13. I wouldn't be opposed to Interim GM John Mozeliak getting the job permanently. He's the guy who signed Franklin and Springer last offseason, 2 of the better signings. He also worked out the Pineiro move as well. He's been on local radio quite a bit lately, seems pretty forthright, and understands the situation very well.
  14. I can't see any good reason to pay 1 player $30 million per season. It seems totally ridiculous to me. Which means he'll probably get it. He would be good for the Cubs. He's not good in the postseason, they hardly ever get there
  15. Dusty Baker doesn't have much success sans Barry Bonds. Maybe the Reds can trade for Prior/Wood
  16. I love how odd the Sports Guy article title looks in this pic
  17. I understand it in the case of young teams who haven't won before. I mean, the old adage, act like you've been there before....they haven't. If the Yankees do it, even though they've been to the playoffs 85 straight years...that's kinda dumb.But they've accomplished something...they should celebrate.
  18. I've heard more talk about the Dodgers Assistant GM, name escapes me ATM. Jocketty was great, but part of me wonders if the game since revenue sharing was starting to pass him by a little bit. He used to be good at trading for those guys the small market teams couldn't keep. Since Revenue Sharing, that well had started to dry up a little bit. Still think he's good, but for a team carrying a $100 million payroll, there was FAR too much of it tied up in guys giving you basically nothing performance wise (Rolen, Edmonds, Mulder, Carpenter - not Jocketty's fault at all, Adam Kennedy).
  19. It's very shocking to me that he was dismissed (read that fired) instead of resigning.Looks like the beginning of a huge offseason for the Cards.
  20. I know I said Phillies at first, but maybe after last night, the Rockies. Any team that wins 14/15 to get into the playoffs deserves some love.
  21. I say Phillies...exciting young team. They have 3 of the best young players around in Rollins, Utley, and Howard. Plus, any team that can come back from a 7 game deficit in September, well, that's just amazing (albeit it took some help, but they played great).
  22. Yes, they are probably the best team in the league right now. I personally hate them (Rams fan - they didn't beat us because of cheating they beat us because Martz went stupid for most of the game).Now, can anyone honestly say that Belichick didn't deserve at least a couple game suspension for the videotaping scandal? I mean, Goodell is suspending players left and right for anything they do outside of the game, how can he not suspend a coach for violating a rule that they sent out a memo about before the season?
  23. He's probably trying real hard to keep it together. Plus, the Patriots season just started and they've clearly been the story of the NFL so far (with the dominating performance and the cheating scandal).Either way, they're in the playoffs anyway.
  24. LOL...funny stuff aadams.The Cards have a serious need for some pitching next year.
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