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  1. It was funny. And spot on.I'd give kudos, but that's kinda gay.
  2. She's hot as all hell. Like her poker playing style too. Super-aggressive.For her, I'll forgive the Frenchness.
  3. Let's say you hold a typical strong, unpaired starting hand, such as AK or AQ, in late position. You raise pre-flop (3 or 4 x BB) and get a blind or EP caller. Flop comes low (something like 2, 6, 9) rainbow and it is checked to you. Do you always fire out a continuation bet?Does that change if there is more than one caller who checked to you?How about if you are out of position head's up against a single caller?Out of position head's up vs. more than one caller?Thanks.
  4. Right there was about where I stopped reading that post.I hope you were kidding. That supposed laydown was nothing like the one in the OP. When you make that laydown with $30K on theline, then make a post about it. For $5.... :roll:Well, if the "money shouldn't matter" then it doesn't make a difference whether it was a $5 or $50,000 tourney. The key is to make correct poker decisions no matter what the stakes.Don't jump on a guy just because he doesn't play at the stakes you do.
  5. If you can get so bent out of shape by a hand that you lost where you were basically 50/50 to win throughout the entire hand, then maybe you should take a break from the felt.
  6. It sounds like you're not playing beginners/bad players correctly. Not sure how you think you can play with the big boys if you can't beat the midgets.
  7. I don't see how you could even think of ever trying to play poker full time if you don't have just a crazy passion for the game.
  8. I usually masturbate while playing online, which takes care of that whole "nothing else to do" problem.
  9. What you said after that is neither here nor there. Don't accuse me of ripping into you on your very first post in here when all I said was to watch your step. I really wish I was half as big of an asshole as you guys make me out to be sometimes. My God, it's disgusting. Seriously, you'd think I was a cranky, PMSing, crueler fucking version of Smash the way you guys act.Smash used to have the better avatar (hello kitty), but you've overtaken him there.Sorry about your friend. I've been there.
  10. I limit myself to less than that. AA, KK, AKs, AKo, AQs, AQo, QQ, JJ, 10-10. Maybe AJs.Yeah, but how often do you get these hands? Are you really gonna make it to the final five w/o playing anything other than these? What if they don't come?
  11. Ah, AQ vs AK... what are you gonna do?Good job on an $800+ cash.
  12. Boo-yah!A8 vs 33. Nice 8 on the flop.Head's up now.
  13. Nah, you're doing fine. The whole point now is to get it down to 2.Man, this is boring poker though. What, maybe 1 in 20 hands see an actual flop? It'd be better if there were hole card cams!
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