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  1. does anyone know if they are mailing out the VIP passes (parking/admission) this year? I have yet to receive anything and I think they are opening up on July 31.
  2. who are those people in Matusow's entourage? gf?
  3. are you going to do a preview show on the WSOP? maybe a tournament guide for newbies on all the different events, tips, etc?
  4. what time did this end last night?
  5. yeah I saw Rose signing autographs last week at Caesars, not sure how much...but I felt like asking him to sign a picture with "I Bet on Baseball..."
  6. well it has deteriorated in a hairy bush discussion I can't tell you that but I can tell you that there was at least one person who thought it wouldn't.
  7. it's been awhile...let's hope this rolls on!
  8. I thought Daniel was against the idea of wearing sunglasses at the table?
  9. has anyone played poker at the Crown casino in Melbourne before? I was there 2 years ago but never played poker. Pretty nice casino, big sportsbook. My fave was betting on computer simulated horse racing.
  10. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...Story/National/
  11. what do people think of Brantford? Went there the other night and it was jam packed - 12 tables going with fairly long lists. Supe said that last 5 years at this time it is usually dead but for some reason that night was really busy.
  12. Fallsview has a 3-6 table on weekends now. And hasn't Woodbine been rumoured to open up table games for awhile now?
  13. weird seeing Matusow in a tux. Sportsnet was showing it in Canada on sunday, or at least part of it.
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