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  1. Did anyone watch the stream of LCD Soundsystem's last concert Saturday night. I forgot about it and really regret it. LCD was probably the best concert I've ever attended. I heard Arcade Fire sang backup for a song. Sad that he won't be making new music. I'm looking for a stream and will post it if I can find one.
  2. Stay in school. Even if you don't learn anything college is still way better than the real world. Binge drink and bang chicks for a few more years.
  3. I think the woman in the middle is a man.
  4. I'm finally back to lifting seriously again. I've been consistently going for the last month. I basically took two months of because of shoulder problems but now that my separation is healed I'm seeing some gains again. I'm continuing with my 6 day a week split body workout that I used last spring. I saw much better gains with this than I did trying to do a twice a week full body workout over the summer. I'm glad to see a lot of you guys are still at it. Randy, I'm really impressed. I uses you as an example for my Dad to try to convince him to start working out again. The first summer
  5. I thought this was going to be a story about getting laid until I read this.The Gordon Bombay avatar is funny. You need a peewee hockey team to coach and get your life back on the right track.
  6. I used this program you wrote for me over the summer until my injury. I'm going to continue doing it since two days a week is all the time I have to commit to the gym. With my separated shoulder I've been told not to do dumbell/military presses. Do you know of any other shoulder exercises where I don't have to raise my arm above 90 degrees?I'm wondering why you prefer standing dumbbell presses to seated dumbbell presses. Is there reason for this, maybe to prevent lower back pain, or is it just a personal preference?
  7. I lifted for the first time in a month after separating my shoulder. I've struggled with shoulder problems for a long time. I lost a little over 5 pounds in the past month and had to lower my weights I lifted by 10lbs. I just started chiropractic school so I'm trying to figure out a good workout schedule. I'll be able to lift Saturday and Sunday for sure, hopefully I'll be able to make it two mornings during the week. I'm also playing hockey for my school where we practice twice a week and have a game or two a weekend. Glad to see people are still working hard. Nice work Randy keeping i
  8. Yea, It cost about $80, but I figure it's worth it to know that my defense round shoots reliably and accurately.
  9. I just bought some Hornady 115fr critical defense round. I shot abot 100 ronds throgh my gun and they shot very accurately. I'm going to go to the range one more time with these, but they may be my new defense round.
  10. No I didn't last night. I didn't seem to feel them at all. Not sure why they're so popular. I just took another two and opened a beer so we'll see if that makes the difference.
  11. I had my wisdom teeth out this morning so now I've got a prescription for hydrocodone. I don't have any pain but I just took 2 just in case. I may have to have a drink to go along with them.
  12. Hey Speedz, I'm thinking about getting a cat sometime soon. I'm in North Dakota for the summer so there are a lot of farm kittens for giveaway. They are all around 8 weeks old. Is there anything I should worry about if I get a farm kitten?
  13. I haven't quit working out. I've been lifting at least three times a week this summer. Not enough but it's all I can get in when I work a normal job then paint on my own at night. I've been taking avsfan's advice on working alternate muscle groups. I'm not doing it right yet but I'm slowly altering my routine.In this order:dumbbell press 4x8single arm dumbbell row with one leg on the ground and the other knee on the bench (don't know the real name) 4x8cable flys 4x10cable crossovers 4x10pullups 4x to failureupright barbell row 4x8tricep pull down 4x10dumbell curls 3x10weighted dips 4x10sin
  14. I was browsing slickdeals.net this morning and came across this deal on Optimum Nutrion 100% why protein; http://www.fitrx.com/fitrx/package_select....p;orderbyprice=. Use the code "ON2009" Two tubs of 5lbs protein for $66. This is the cheapest I have ever seen it. Usually I pay about $45 for 5 lbs at bodybuilding.com. I decided to try different flovors and went with cookies and cream and double rich chocolate.
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