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  1. Given the info about them I probably call. Make it more preflop though..like 180, you want it to get HU. With the small raise you made, after the first caller everyone is priced in.
  2. Uhm..wow...sick run lol, gl tid
  3. I had it freeze on me a few days ago when I was on a final table bubble, went to click on the tourney info button and it froze up, had to alt-f4 and close it down, luckily only missed one hand. It then froze the next day when I was starting it up. Been fine since then though.
  4. I think if we shove pre we're most likely going to lose the hands that we beat(TT,JJ,AK) and we're only getting called by better. I usually tend to flat pre in these spots and then go broke on a safe flop because then we're getting in vs TT+ and we pick up the chips from his cbet with AK. Given the way he bet this hand Im guessing it's AK or TT, id be surprised to see KK+
  5. Id make it 240 pre. I think I fold the flop, although in the later stages of a tourney Id probably shove
  6. ugh so gross how they give you that flop :(edit: obv river..gg man nice run
  7. PXF pays for itself very quickly hehe
  8. Ya im not sure about the ICM, dont feel like running it but I think with your stack you need a double. Like I said he could be a lot wider too. Most 45man donks will shove most aces there imo
  9. sry by shove i mean call. his range utg here is probably like, 22+, KJ+, A8s+, A9o+. Could be alot wider if hes a bad player
  10. shovei probably shove 77+ and AJ+ here, might go with 66 too, not sure, depends on the player
  11. PokerStars Game #21899492013: Tournament #117601187, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (200/400) - 2008/11/09 17:06:23 ETTable '117601187 2494' 9-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: G$brk (12110 in chips) Seat 2: Jmac8284 (5395 in chips) Seat 3: lolivier31 (7080 in chips) Seat 4: chemiegango (4185 in chips) Seat 5: photo356 (3685 in chips) Seat 6: .ReloaƐ. (6253 in chips) Seat 7: efundsj (33372 in chips) Seat 8: Ssd04 (9175 in chips) Seat 9: doucet1969 (13345 in chips) G$brk: posts the ante 50Jmac8284: posts the ante 50lolivier31: posts the ante 50chemiegango: posts the ante 50photo356: posts th
  12. lol fk sundaysunreg'd everything gonna play gears2 all daybe nice if AA could hold vs 44 on 4xxA board one time
  13. Attempting to sat into event 9, if I dont ill prolly just buy in
  14. Sign up for PXF and learn how tournaments are played now.Bax, Sheets, Hoosier, PearlJammer > Harrington, sry to burst your bubble. If you're not willing to adapt to an evolving game thats fine
  15. Ah so thats why like 3 people disconnected @ my table
  16. sennin

    Website Owners

    im guessing this is sarcasm, so im not gonna bother with a counter argument lol
  17. Ya what an ******* for making a suggestion without using any disrespectful language.
  18. I probably shove if he's on the hijack too.With AJ its close but if hes as loose as you say then shoving is probably the right play
  19. That was a stake thread actually...so yes..
  20. I think it's a fold. Firstly its a 4x raise giving you no fold equity, if it was 3x id probably shove, if it was 2.5x id definitely shove. Secondly, he's 4xing it and putting in a huge chunk of his stack here, I think he probably has a pretty legitimate hand and AT isnt going to fare very well esp with you getting called 100% of the time.Now if he was raising on the CO or button and we were behind him I think his range would then be wide enough that AT would be good even without fold equity.
  21. Not really a fan of it vs 2 people especially considering if you get called..well you're dead
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