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  1. that was talking about the next fee......the first fee had already been charged......
  2. Anyway so i had $5 on my party poker account, and they took all of it away because i was inactive for 180 days....but i managed to talk my way into getting it refunded!See below (relevant stuff in bold)Dear Ben, Thank you for contacting us. This mail is to inform you that, we have refunded the 4.99 USD which were captured on your account as a part of 'Inactive Account Fee' as a one time good will gesture. However, please note that our system would once again automatically deduct the funds if there is no activity found on your PartyAccount. Hence, I invite you to our latest 'Re-Designed' poker
  3. i still havn't got my money and i'm broke...FCP is such a scam.......i dont trust bob:)
  4. plz ship $75 to knoxxxy and $75 to therescavthankyou
  5. Thanks everyone for the challenge, it was good......I dont post here that much so it was good to play against u guys and occassionally rail etc......gratz to checky and ray......and good effort kobe coming from no where to almost steal 1st......though i must say it was a pretty undeserving win for the fashion police and ray.....ray's peformance was disgusting and just plain embarrassing to watch....i got off to a really good start in this challenge, and then i railed one of rays games and i seriously think i got worse just watching him...... after that i couldn't even cash.....if it weren't fo
  6. you greedy f***be reasonable3rd: $7008th: $200deal?
  7. i am thinking the payout for 1st and 2nd is way too much...it's not even fair.....here is my new suggested payouts:Payouts:1st: $3252nd: $1503rd: $3504th: $75who is in agreeance?
  8. cheeeeeeeershahaha funniest vid...thanks
  9. So i am looking for a vid that was on youtube, 2 guys play like a 50k pot heads up completely high and win....I saw it a while back, ive been searching everywhere for it but CANNOT find it.....they are laughing like crazy and then are like "omg omg flush draw flush draw" .....can ANYONE find this video? its driving me craaazy......
  10. So in the original post it has the payouts asTotal teams entered: 18Total prize pool: $900Payouts:1st: $4002nd: $2503rd: $1504th: $50 If i didn't know better i'd say that only adds up to $850....i think someone registered after those payouts were made.....that or some sick rake :PWhere should the last $50 go? $275 for 2nd, $425 for first?
  11. Howdy.......I was just wondering if you can confirm a team mates score.....it allows you to.......so i just did......I confirmed cavs score and he confirmed mine....Just to update the leaderboard cos no one else is on at this time.....Tourny ID's127165231 &127170656Someone can check them if they like.......but yeah just wondering if we are supposed to...its seems kinda stupid really....mayb it shouldn't let u?
  12. I just went to confirm one of Aussie Donks sit and gosTourney ID: 126296402He posted that he finished 168th but it was actually 164th.... they are both worth 0 points and he posted a lower finish than what he actually did so it doesn't really matter, but not sure whether i was meant to confirm it. Cheeeers
  13. 100 point penalty for being late imololl just kidding.......but seriously......
  14. I saw that...afew of those random ()'s have come up...that's the only one that actually had a placing though.....However in tourny ID 126052370 a player called "IL-CA-WA" finished 10th......which is no one from the challenge.....
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