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  1. Holdemfreaks is throwing a birthday Bash!! Our dear friend Rose (rcgs59) is having a birthday and to celebrate we're throwing a party. Her "big 50" will be extra special because a few of her friends have created (so far) five (5) $10 bounties!!!Let's make her day a special day!!! Tell your friends to join the party also. Additional bounties are welcome. Let Raise, Ha! know. Everyone's always welcome!! See Holdemfreaks for details.Tourney : 211374427Date : Nov. 19, 2009Time : 21:30 Est.Place : PokerStarsGame : NLHEPassword : 50candlesBounty winners are asked to post which bounty they are due in
  2. Rose, the correct tourney number is 206423812
  3. Come join us in celebrating this beautiful ladys birthday tonight.There will be ten (10) $10 bounties on randomly selected players which will be announced at the beginning of the game, at each table. Site : PokerStarsDate: : March 15, 2009Time : 21:30Buy In : $5.00 +.50Tourney # : 146479069Password : 39candlesEveryone's welcome!!!
  4. When I got home I asked Cali if she knew who won and I was extremely pleased to discover Rose beat them all. There's a few bucks now to keep you off the streets. Thankfully, I was able (with the help of my girl Booty) to keep up with the exits of all 10 bounties. Posting who they are and then learning who took them out is by far the toughest part of these deals. Practice makes perfect...........who's having a birthday next?
  5. Well, the tourney is in 3 1/2 hours. The invitation still stands. Good Luck everyone!!!
  6. Gee, let me add to my post count by pointing out the fact that as a regular player in the Negreanu Opens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I rarely allow 2 minutes to go by without comment about something or another. I'm sure that other regulars in those games probably wish I'd STFU sometimes. You may not like my lurker status but imagine the possibilities if this board had yet another regular contributor, capable of correctly spelling most words and having the ability to assemble complete sentences with independent thought. I don't think some could accept the competition.
  7. While the reference was only intended to give recognition to the people contributing to the bounties, I'll gladly delete it so some here don't have a stroke. I'm just curious if any of the posting Nazi's plan on playing or if they just like to hear themselves make noise?
  8. I really do find the complaints rather humorous. A couple of us (affiliated with a large number of sites) post a game offering up a hundred dollars in bounties out of our own pockets and we here crying from people who wouldn't attend the tourney anyway. WTF am I suppose to do, find every one of you at the tables personally to invite you? I've supported this site and a few of it's activities. If I choose to be a lurker here most of the time, is that a crime?Lastly, when I posted a tourney a couple months back, the suggestion was that maybe there should be a "catagory" for "upcoming games" so th
  9. Tourney Name : Cali's Birthday BashTourney #131828732Site: PokerstarsDate: Janurary 12 2009Time: 21:00 (9:00) estGame: NLHEPassword: 50candlesBounties: 10 @ $10 eachOur Good friend Califnaughti is celebrating her 50th birthday on Jan. 12th 2009. To Celebrate this special occasion several of her friends have arranged this special bounty tournament. 10 bounties valued at $10 each will be designated by Cali (evenly distributed among all the tables if possible) at the close of registration and all players will be notified A.S.A.PBounties will be paid(out) by Raise, Ha!!Come join the fun and help
  10. Name : HOLDEMFREAK NEW YEARSite : PokerStarsGame : NLHE Buy In : $5.00 +.50# : 130988916Password : resolutionEveryone is welcome to join this tourney.
  11. Number : 129659440Site : PokerStarsTitle : Holdemfreaks BountyCost : $5.00 + .50Password : holdemfreaksPlayers are asked to offer a $1 bounty on themselves (honor system applies).
  12. There's nothing listed yet. Who do we need to wake up?
  13. HoldemFreaks Forever12395952621:00$5.00 + .50NLNEpw holdemfreaks
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