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  1. Johnny Chan is in it.I think he was nominated for an Oscar or something. In fact, he had to have been, because his performance almost made me cry.
  2. I found www.pokertube.com today from one of the other members here. Though I didn't find any WPT events on it either.
  3. The money was probably going in no matter how you played it.
  4. Should have repliedNo, but he likes trannies, and he seems to have an eye for you.Of course this is only if your car is in good condition to get away quickly, and his engine is still off.
  5. I know a guy, that knew a guy, that talked to a guy, that used to be a guy, that said it was rigged...so its gotta be....right?
  6. To the OP, showing this post isn't a good way of getting any stakes...just FYI
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