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  1. I was watching the WSOP 2006 ME last night. I remember watching DN's video blogs and he was talking about the poor play in the ME this year. Now I know exactly what he was talking about. Early in the tournament DN made a standard raise to $150 or something like that. A kid on his right pushed all in at $5K to go. DN makes a comment and the kid says "That's poker!" Daniel says "No, That's not poker!" I laughed my *** off.
  2. First off, I'd like to say "**** Tanzania". If you're going to give charity, support the U.S.A. (or Canada or wherever you're from, and if you're from Tanzania, then by all means...charitize your *** off.) My point is simply that charity begins at home and there are plenty of great charitable causes right here at home! --__..)))steps off soapbox(((...Second of all, DN explained that the rebuys is his way of blowing off steam. It helps him to focus and play better in the long run. Does $48K mean anything to DN...nope! Sure doesn't. I've heard Doyle say in several interviews that you must have a
  3. Well, I'm not sure about the rules and all that, but it seems to me that if they refund 1 person...regardless of stature...they should refund everyone. That's my initial take on it.Daniel made a good point that those that accepted the change and played anyway should not receive anything back. Thats a valid argument. Then there are those that protested...Mike O'Malley...and were told to bad. Where do those folks stand? Do they have a leg to stand on w/ the NGC?Lastly, are all WSOP's this screwed up? Or are we just getting the 'bird's eye' view because Daniel is highlighting all this information
  4. Daniel...I concur that the entire shoot out was fubar! And I certainly understand that you want your money back. But if they give you back your money, what about everyone else? What happens to the event? Will Harrah's just refund everyone and make it a 'freeroll'. I don't see how they can justify giving you back your money and not everyone else. I'm very curious to hear how this turns out so please provide some updates as things develop.Another question I have is, what can the gaming commission do about it?
  5. Daniel...you stated in an ealier video blog, (which I really like), that you were reading magazines at the table. I believe you were playing in the Omaha event when you mentioned this and you also mentioned that reading players isn't that much of a priority in Omaha. Could you elaborate as to why reading players isn't that important in Omaha? I have a few theories about the cards basically playing themselves in these games, but you eluded to the fact that the early play isn't really worth watching and observing. Just curious as to why. Thanks man, and good luck!
  6. I like the video blog...makes Danny seem more like a real person and you can see the emotion on his face and all his reactions as he speaks. Keep it up Danny and best of luck this year.Bryan21
  7. I watch Celebrity Poker Showdown...the players suck, but Phil's commentary is worth the few minutes of stupidity in the play. And they have some hotties on there from time to time...
  8. Certainly sounds interesting and I would entertain the opportunity to jump in and play. If anyone is looking for another member, shoot me an email bcquinn@hotmail.com
  9. Yeah...I don't read everything. I'll start to read the blog and if I don't like where its going or what its about, I simply stop reading and look at something else. You do have that option and it is his blog...any question?
  10. dreamcatcher...its cool man...but for the record, i didn't put 'censored' in there. i put p.o.'d!!! the sensitivity level must be set too high on this thing. i'm going to list some words and see how they show up. and i'll put a more politically correct word that means the same thing next to it to see what happens...shit...deficatepiss...urinate****...procreatedick...penispussy...kittytits...funbags*******...anal oraficedickhead...richard craniumi think will suffice for now...we'll see...
  11. If your wife would be pissed about that meeting, maybe you're not as solid as you think you are. Its a matter of trust and not hiding shit. If I "hid" it from my wife...yeah, she'd be pissed. But if I tell her about it...all is cool. Now that's solid!!!Cool blog Daniel...its cool that you and Lori have that trust...apparently its a rarity these days...
  12. So Scotty Nguyn(sp) Baby...he finally takes down a big one and banks a cool $960K+...I wonder if Daniel wishes he didn't dress up as Scotty this past Halloween. I bet he wishes he played more like Scotty in this tourney... :cry:
  13. of course I say that toungue in cheek because I have enjoyed them and think they are great. The hand analysis clears things up for me in the event something didn't make much sense in the reading. I loved HOH1 and just started on HOH2...
  14. Yeah...I saw that too. Danny just ain't on the top of his game lately. Early exits from his first 3 tourneys of 2006...wtfc? He did say he was happy with his play in Australia, just got cold decked. Awaiting to see just what happened in Tunica...
  15. Daniel said he was happy with his play in Australia, he just got some bad cards. I realize that good cards aren't the only way to win a tournament, but you certainly have to get cards at some point. He said he felt he brought his A Game to the table and just got unlucky/bad run of cards, you call it what you want to...still plenty of time for Danny...
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