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  1. Sounds good that their server didn't crash. As far as for the macs, that would be a pretty big bug.
  2. My friend is using a mac and cannot get onto fulltilt. He asked me to ask you all b.c. he doesn't have an account.... Anybody else having problems?
  3. Actually im pretty much financially set so your comment just shows how accurate your smart *** really is. As far as me bitching about bad beats, Ive done it down the street at the bad beat section of the forum a couple of times.
  4. I think it might be that time for me. I was running absolutely aweful the last 4 months of my life and without any goodness and then tonight i was finally doing really well and not getting badly beaten. I then went 1 for 13 on coin flips and had AJ<KK on an AJ2 board, 2 outer here, etc. I think its just not the right time for all that **** to go down so while Ill continue to check out this forum a lot, I dont expect myself to play much more poker..
  5. Ok im 1 for 13 in coin flips tonight. Im going to be done for the night but this got me thinking... Say I was in a tournament where I HAD TO STAY, but was running like I just described what methods do you use to get yourself back together and if you were a large stack and took a cooler and are now average, how do you make yourself just focus and play good solid poker?
  6. English Mothaf*cka! Do You speak it!!!! - Sam Jackson
  7. lol neteller cough cough.....did you call them?
  8. Anybody else get this?"Some ePassporte functionality is currently undergoing maintenance. Your balance will appear as $0.00 and many functions will not be available until maintenance is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working to resolve this matter immediately."
  9. Lee Jones: Uhhh we are going to have to temporarily dissable your account due to a change in the IP address detected. We don't care if you cheat at real money games but we sure will have firm reaction and take swift action if we suspect cheating in play money tournaments.
  10. I once threw a temper tantrum like a little kid and just jumped up and down for abour 3 mins. I was playing 5/10 nl on pstars and min bought in with 200 bucks. I built up to 1k and played an allin pot where my AA beat the guys KK and at this point it was just heads up. I unchecked the auto post b.c. i was planning on leaving b.c. he had just sat out but he sat back in and still had about 3k left. I decided to play 1 more hand b.c. i had the button and picked up AKs. I 3x bb raised he called. Flop AA5 rainbow. He checkraises me from 40 to 120 and i smooth call. Turn K I check he fires 250 I rai
  11. gobboboy: He was reraising in position. He may have just had hands but I doubt it. Then good players adapt to that by 4 betting him, like I did with the Qh5h hand. I didn’t show that to say, “OMG I BLUFFED A PRO.” I wanted to send him a message that I knew he was restealing, and that I had him outchipped by a lot and he should just let me steal the blinds. He stopped after that.
  12. i saw the dead money in there and decided to take a shot at just trying to pick up the pot right there.
  13. PokerStars Game #8171681987: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2007/01/28 - 20:49:27 (ET)Table 'McVittie II' 6-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: BigDennys ($200 in chips)Seat 3: yr100 ($145 in chips)Seat 5: chessazhole ($117 in chips)derschnei will be allowed to play after the buttonchessazhole: posts small blind $1BigDennys: posts big blind $2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to chessazhole [Ks As]yr100: raises $6 to $8chessazhole: calls $7BigDennys: raises $18 to $26yr100: calls $18chessazhole: raises $91 to $117 and is all-inBigDennys: foldsyr100: calls $91*** FLOP *** [Js Qs Qd]*** TURN *** [Js Qs Qd] [Tc]
  14. I remember the ft of the 50k horse event doyle raised 3x the bb with QQ and chip reese just called out of position with KK. The flop came like 249 and chip bt half the pot and doyle quickly folded...... What a fish.. Plays like this make me really think how much he sucks
  15. I finished third to you (You took it down) in a ft 150 buyin. You won 12k i won 6k. I was allin against you and had Ac7c you called w. A9o flop was 7d2c3c but you spiked the 9 on the river haha. ng and Im happy to see you here.
  16. I love Obama and think he would be one of the best presidents we could have in a long time. I also think Bush is the worst president in history. Never the less your comments are pretty f*cked up because the reason we have anything left is freedom of opinion and speech. You shouldn't just say "dumb" you should provide a little evidence and make a valid point. As far as the racist comment goes.... Im part black and I think that that was the most offensive statement Ive heard in a while. If you hate Idi Amin are you a racist?? There are f*cked up black people just like there are f*cked up white p
  17. QUOTE(HangukMiguk @ Thursday, January 18th, 2007, 6:48 AM) USA can do whatever wants, whenever it wants, to whoever it wants. It's too bad its citizens don't have the same luxury anymore... I think Pot Odds is a smart guy by the quality of some of his posts but here is a perfect example of him taking everything way too literally. Hed probably call the cops if I took a bad beat and I said Im going to kill that guy.
  18. Hey, I started watching 24 at the beginning of season 2 so Bauer is on my side. And for the record I like fluffdog b.c. he pwned that guy in 10/20 nl hu and it was funny to read his overbets.
  19. Full Tilt Poker Game #1523582259: Table Canfield (6 max) - $200/$400 - No Limit Hold'em - 3:39:26 ET - 2007/01/03Seat 2: Ozzy 87 ($74,974)Seat 4: magicpitch1 ($101,761.50)Seat 5: CaseyAtTheBat ($0), is sitting outSeat 6: Purdue80 ($44,594)magicpitch1 posts the small blind of $200Purdue80 posts the big blind of $400The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Ozzy 87 raises to $1,400magicpitch1 raises to $5,200Purdue80 foldsOzzy 87 calls $3,800*** FLOP *** [5d 9s 7c]magicpitch1 bets $8,400Ozzy 87 raises to $16,800magicpitch1 has 15 seconds left to actmagicpitch1 raises to $25,200Ozzy 87 has 15 sec
  20. Fluffdog is making progress. Hes chopped off half of his annoying *sshole anticts. :D !!!!!!!1111elvendybillion11!1!!111
  21. I used to hate dane and thought he was super nitty but I got over that. I can see why people get mad at him and all but cmon seriously he just speaks his mind, is not afraid to put anyone down, and wastes his time looking up definitions and linking all kinds of sh*t that I'm just too lazy to find but really want. Sounds pretty f*cking good to me.
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