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  1. ok after i bust the stars 150/win ill send 200 from NastyLarry on stars, or hoosier my aim is MRandalFlowersJr hit me up
  2. who do i send money to on what site? pm me password plz
  3. I only play aces, the only lesson I can teach you.
  4. +$45k on the night, too bad I run like **** HU or it might have been epic
  5. Here are his live results:http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=36556He is known online as Serb2127 and plays high limit cash games such as 25/50nl, 50/100nl.On day 1B of PCA, he got moved to my first table and I played with him for a little over an hour. From that one hour he played every hand about right on every street for as much as I could tell. Anyways, he's a sicko.
  6. I butchered that hand pretty badly flat calling your UTG + 1 raise with 66 on the button with only 20 bbs. With 0 set value I guess I was just going to try to outplay you postflop (which is kinda silly under 20 bbs) but then the flop was like 4 high and ZOMG OVERPAIR NEVER FOLD RAR IN!
  7. Yeah I know Trey, but I'd feel a little uncomfortable in that circumstance. I'm sure it'd be much more difficult for me to focus and play my A game on 8 tables with me kind of trying to explain to you what I am doing and why. I think you will get more insight in future strat posts as to me telling you on the spot what I'm doing.
  8. I'm pretty sure you had A4 suited and shoved the button for 11.5 bb's and I called from bb with A7o, flop was something like 642 with the 62 of your suit turn offsuit 8 river offsuit 5. That was an interesting tournament b/c I played it while at turning stone with some friends in the room. The guy who ended up in 2nd in that tournament is a good friend of mine Exitonly4. We didn't collude, but we both played like 6-8 tournaments that night in the same room and didn't really notice it till the FT bubble. Pretty cool getting to play HU online in a big MTT battleship style, but more fun winning
  9. Thanks Pat,And also anyone here who wants to learn advanced origami strategy, along with other types of advanced folding methods, should pay close attention to Pat's game.
  10. Hey guys,My name is Randal, better known as RandALLin online. I am new to the FCP forums, but you can thank PrtyPsux, PMJackson21, Chucksty, BKice, and HoosierAlum for kind of getting me to post here. I met all the guys at PCA recently and had a great time. Anyway, thought I'd say what's up, gl at the tables.
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