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  1. Just a few more questions, not even sure if my name is in the running here but, I just set up an account and was wondering: easiest way to deposit for americans? and what site would I need to sign up through to get rakeback?
  2. For sure interested in this don't post much here but I have a great rep on 2p2 and DC, also have screenshots of last 30k hands at 1/2 and 2/4 on stars and tilt where i'm winning 3BB/100Keep me in mind
  3. Anyone else getting bent over today? and then stars has to practically crash... TILT... while 4 tabling on 3 of the tables, at the same time, I have AK<A2 on AA582, KK<AK on QJ56T, and to cap it off 77<99 on 24769all over 25BB's
  4. GG flush... I love when my months end like that..... sadly I cut my month short to stop the bleeding and hopefully I'll turn it around next year
  5. haha thanks for that... I'm not sure where I saw that but it seemed like a long abbreviation
  6. Yeah... I guess I'm just accustomed to my levels 1/2-2/4 where if three bets go in on the river I'm usually behind but a good portion of the time they will value bet TT and pay off
  7. I really like that play... that is something I should add to my game. I know when people lead into me on the turn I autoraise with any hand with showdown value. Do you think there is any merit to c/rai the river? I feel like I'm always doing that in that spot
  8. What's up guys,first post here... I've been playing LHE serious, main income, for about year now. I started at 1/2 fullring and must have went on a heater cause I crushed those games really bad and then about a month and a half ago I hit a wall and was just living off rakeback and bonuses. So I switched to 6-max and struggled at first but now I feel like I'm pretty good but just went through my worst downswing 350BB and found that forums are a good place to start getting a little more confidence and feeling better about my game. So, Looking forward to adding my 2 cents here and learning from y
  9. There is a sick 1000/2000 HORSE game on full tilt right now with Ivey, Dags, Chip, David Singer, David Oppenhiem, Gus Hansen and Juanda is on the waiting list. everyone should check it out.
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