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  1. I also forgot to mention that there are special decks where every single card is marked. They have very intricate backs and only someone who knows they are marked can see exactly what the mark means but every card has a mark that signifies exactly what the card is.
  2. My city has been shutting down local games in pool halls and bars!!! Now really sketchy games are starting up in guys houses and they are charging a crap load of rake
  3. When I caught a guy cheating at my house I told him that I caught him cheating and that he was a cheater in front of everyone and told him that he was not welcome and not coming to my house ever again. It was a little hard because he was friends with some of the guys, but he lost out in the end because we used to play at my house almost every single night and everyone was always there except him. Why people would cheat their friends I have no idea, but they are dispicable.Always Always Always cut the deck. A guy at a party the other day was showing me his ability to set the deck. I was wa
  4. QUOTE(cu in 4years Dan @ Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 8:29 AM) *WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! WHY ARE YOU SPENDING TIME ON THIS! THINK ABOUT IT.DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!QUOTE(cu in 4years Dan @ Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 9:50 AM) *yes **** eater, quite a comment. so how many times in total have you masturbated to that avatar of yours?keep wasting your time dumb ****QUOTE(cu in 4years Dan @ Wednesday, January 17th, 2007, 10:11 AM) *i guarantee it has been more than that.and the fact that you even admitted that you are a horny prick is even more embarrassing, go fall down a well and break your foot
  5. Goodluck Daniel, kick some *** tomorrow!!!
  6. all daniel needs to do is carry around a jar of peanut butter with him and a spoon. Or maybe some honey roasted peanuts..... mmmmmm honey roasted
  7. What about the hatch???? What about.. when they shot the guy who turned out to be one of the others pretending to have been on the plane? It's a good show if you give it a chance.
  8. Edit your post... you said Matusow instead of Hellmuth. and yeah.. Hellmuth is a *****
  9. It kind of matters, because one way can be way more heartbreaking than the other~ I love flops like that... you know the ones. Where one player starts out ahead preflop, than the other player gets lucky on the flop, but then the original best hand makes something good on the turn, but of course the other guy like fills out on the river. Lead changes with every card that comes off.
  10. Screw that.. if I had those aces I would complain, haha. the only thing that beats Aces full is quads or higher and the guy did hit the only two cards he could hit to win. a .1% chance to win
  11. Dear little baby Jesus... Thankyou for my smoking hot wife. She IS a stone cold fox. AMEN
  12. Just wanted to see what Dan the man thought of the situation
  13. A lot has happended this last week, as far as payment options for internet players. I'm sure many small poker sites will be closing and there may be less fishy players out there if they have no way to fund their accounts. Scary times we are going through, as we lose the ability to spend our OWN money as we see fit.
  14. Where are they now? Did they disappear after the bill passed or what?
  15. I don't think I've worn it since. I got some new ones for Christmas.. so that one is probably gonna be on the bottom of the pile, sad to say.And you guys probably won't find anything like it anywhere unless you hop in a deLorean and go back in time about 15 or so years.
  16. I truely forgot how rediculous this thread was. This quote is one of my favorites, but actuary, balloon guy and some other people said some pretty funny **** too.
  17. Doesn't give him an excuse to be a jerkoff, and throw fits and think he is better than everyone else.
  18. I feel safe with my money on there.. but that doesn't change the fact that I still cashed it all out anyway
  19. QFTBreak is the best thing to do
  20. This is bad..... he sounds like a whiny child tattle tale trying to tell the teacher to get these guys in trouble. Sad, just sad. His read is way off and he makes it a huge ordeal. It's not often that Shikan comes out looking okayPHIL LOSES IT
  21. That's a good idea, but I bet Daniel owns way too many pairs of shoes
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