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  1. Here's a bet you can offer to your friends (do it for $$, its fun):Standing on the left side of the lane, pretty close to the gutter (but not aiming IN the gutter -- this is key), try to bowl a gutter ball into the LEFT gutter. Make sure their aim line is parallel to the gutter, meaning they have to spin it into the lane (although, not that much).Nobody will be able to do it. No matter how much left spin they put on it, the ball will spin back towards the center (i.e. right). This is part of Wii Bowling's mechanics. Try it.
  2. The real money tables at FCP are the same way. Everyone is crazy.
  3. no legal card rooms in MD, as for illegal ones...can't help
  4. Kei


    Because it's rigged like no other.
  5. You should have isolated middle position by moving all-in yourself. If you're going to commit a third of your chips to the hand, might as well push. UTG knows he can put pressure on you, so him pushing after you call is to be expected. Basically, if he can get you off your hand, your 'dead' money in the pot adds incentive. If you push, he might reconsider risking 20% of his stack with 5-2o with no ability to get you off a better hand.EDIT:As played...If you have ~300 chips (for simple calculations), UTG has ~1500, and middle position has ~100, the pot is 500 when you are forced to decide on yo
  6. You know that the WTO has already ruled against the US in regards to a similiar issue, right? The Antigua decision about sportsbooks online accepting US wagers?
  7. Bodog has been one of the largest online sportsbooks (if not the largest) for over a decade. Your money is safe.
  8. I've tried signing up for their service like a hundred times. Every time I do, it gets about 20% before it gives me a 501 error. I've tried it from 5 different computers on Firefox and IE, emailed them and called them (hung up on twice) and nothing works. I'm not sure what to do about them.
  9. I'm not real convinced about Wisconsin. I think a safer bet is UCLA or Arizona out west, UNC or Ohio State on the east.
  10. Thanks sloshr. I did get a few good run of cards to help me get back into the game. I felt pretty deflated after my KK ran into AA, that was the last hand I expected to run into.To be fair, I got a sick run of cards heads up and it was pretty ridiculous how many hands I was hitting on the flop or turn.GG to everyone that played!
  11. I'll trade for Tuesday (I'm on Thursday).My match totally slipped my mind last night, was playing a game with some friends.
  12. You have two cases, one HAS to have $1M in it. You made your initial choice with 26 choices left.Is it more likely that your initial choice was $1M or that the $1M was still in the pool of cases left on stage? On the stage of course. So doesn't that make it advantageous to switch?
  13. It is advantageous to switch.She is left with two cases, one with 750K and one with $1M. She started with 26 cases. The likelyhood that she picked the $1M at the beginning was 1 in 26. So if she was to do this 26 times - pick a case and work it down to just two, only once would she have picked the $1M right the first time. 25 out of 26 of those times, it should be left on stage with the other cases and if she is fortunate enough to work it down to just one case left in that group, it's 25x more likely to be the $1M than the one she originally picked.
  14. I got in, I had to use my college's wireless instead of the cable.
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