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  1. Does anyone have a bonus code for Pokerstars that I could use?<3 whoever helps
  2. Alright, I'll be turning 18 this Friday and I'm probably going to join Fulltilt. I was wondering how easy it is to withdraw and deposit money there. I hear epassporte(don't know the exact name) takes a while to deposit the money, and I also hear that depositing directly from your bank account is the easiest.Can anyone confirm this? And what do you guys use to deposit and withdraw money? Thanks to anyone that helps.
  3. Thanks to the few of you that have answered, sorry for asking a poker related question in a poker forum, I mean what was I thinking.
  4. I say 10% while skill is 90% in the long term, what do you guys think?My friend says I'm wrong and thinks there is more luck than that
  5. I was expecting it to come off since it's "crazy poker hands" but at the same time I didn't think it would just because of how wrong that would be.
  6. Couldn't agree with you more, who cares what kind of "ambassador" he's gonna be. It's not going to affect anyone of us at all.
  7. Can someone tell me if DN called the all in on the river or did he fold?For some reason that's the only part I missed.
  8. I'm just wondering why I'm supposed to care about this?I'm not flaming just wondering why.
  9. they have these tourneys under play money SnG's, too bad noone knows how to play.
  10. Are these going of all the time or no?
  11. yea the A high hand was disgusting, definately the best play of the night.
  12. Juts thought I'd let you know he's on the travel channel for the PPT right now. I just think it's kinda ironic that they show Cunningham the night before the Final table.
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