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    working on hand history, one sec
  2. PT0077


    he went allin on turn. I don't know what you/he had, I just know that you are getting almost 10:1 to win.....you capped preflop and b/c flop.... with 10:1, you really can't fold no matter the cards imo
  3. PT0077


    Very, I'm married
  4. PT0077


    Wow, you're a forum basher, that's a fun life...
  5. PT0077


    Wasn't me, was idiot who knew it. I could never fold there... I just thought it was entertaining.
  6. PT0077


    ok, thank you... guy and I almost got in a fight because he folded them face up. I just laughed... and this was a live game.... I believe the words that came out of my mouth were "what are you thinking?"
  7. PT0077


    Sorry, did I post in wrong forum.... it's been a while
  8. PT0077


    ok, 2 situations..... first one I know result, second I don't.... and really I know this is a lame post, but, just wanted to share.first, blinds 1000/2000.... ep raise to 4000, you raise to 16k with QQ, button calls, BB allin for 13k (under your raise) and ep raiser allin 15k..... 60k in pot..... flop KT3.... you check, button all-in 3800...... can you fold even if you know he has K?Second hand400/800 limit,capped 3way preflop, bet reraise call flop 3-way, turn, bet raise call, fold.... river, check, bet 540 into 8k pot. After you check there, can you fold to the 540 there? Just curious if I
  9. I think you check call the river.... AJ, JT, KK, AA, QQ all possibles here.... JT probably most unlikely, but AA, KK, QQ all could have been played this way.
  10. PT0077


    5/10 cent limit game, probably steaming, trying to give away chips.
  11. I would have shoved the turn, you're ahead more times than not with the second nut flush draw/top pair.....
  12. Fold to capped turn on first one, check call scary turn on second and it wouldn't be so sick.At least he had quality starting hands and wasn't playing T7 on the first and QT on the second.
  13. With blinds that low, you still have a ton of play left, I might even fold there and wait for a better spot being out of position in this hand is horrible because if you even hit your hand with the Q, some maniac joker could be in there with AK and bust you. You may be short compared to the other stacks, but you're by no means short stacked. Either call or fold, I don't think you want to gamble when still this early.
  14. Here are my thoughts, first, if its a home game and everyone is maniacs, along with min betting and stuff like that, my experience tells me that they have no clue what they are doing. Thus, you being a rock probably goes largely unnoticed. The way to beat this type of game is to play small ball, keep the pots as small as possible preflop and on the flop and make sure you make hands before committing a bunch of chips.Regarding your push, I think that if you're trying to go big or go home, then it is probably a good spot. If you think there is some chance of them folding, good spot. My guess
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