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  1. You should be counting the pot in any form of poker.
  2. ... Hollywood Jews are likely planning to take over the world. Bill Clinton too.
  3. Party poker players hand out more money than kofi annan.
  4. So what your saying is...In a very confusing way, he is saying that they both have their advantages. With statking, you can keep records of all your gambling endeavors (casino gaming, poker other than holdem) and it helps you keep track of how much money you've really won (or more than likely lost) over the long run. PT tracks your holdem play in the various cardrooms it supports, but it doesn't yet support stud or omaha data.I use both, but that's mostly because I play on a couple of non-PT supported sites.
  5. Does anyone here use statking? I'm having trouble with the standard deviation. Well, actually, the problem is that when i press the button ("What is my standard deviation?"), it says it can't discern what limit i'm playing. Is there a way to tell it what limit i am playing? It only asks you what "game" you're playing. I hope this is isn't a dumb question... but i can't seem to figure it out.
  6. Try statking. It doesn't import hand histories and such, but it is alot better than a spreadsheet, and will give you standard deviation, hourly rate, etc., based on your entries.www.conjelco.com
  7. That's fine...but you don't have the BR...yet. If you take a bad run of cards you will feel differently about it. Bankroll is a very important factor in being a successful winner (if you are playing as a means of some sort of income).Just my opinion, but I'm sure many others would advise you the same.Good luck.- JordanYeah, I completely understand the danger of variance. I was simply saying that Smash's experiment help me in making the move down to 1-2, and to stop hoping the cards keep coming my way. Thanks though.
  8. I'm new to this website, and I have to say its become one of my first stops when i get online. This experiment Smash is doing has helped me alot. My bankroll is currently at $600, built at the 2-4 level. I realize that i should be playing lower, but for some reason I am too impatient to play the micros, and just feel i'm good enough to play at the 2-4 level. I've got 358 hours logged, which isn't enough to evaluate my skill level accurately. Seeing an accomplished (I have no reason to doubt him, based on what i've read) doing this experiment has helped me to feel more comfortable moving d
  9. I've just began using statking, and was wondering how you guys track your online sessions, considering the hands per hour is so high compared to a B&M. I've read that some people go by BB"s won per 100 hands played. What's the easiest way to implement this into statking?
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