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  1. Personally i always cap this preflop. I see no point in leaving a bet out there when you could just take it now. Also, if he's been playing back at you, thats all the more reason to play it fast.As played, I love the flop, and i don't care what comes on the turn i'm pumping it.As for the turn cap, you got balls. I'm not sure i would have capped here, but the more i think aboout it, the more i like it.What if a Kc falls on the river and he donks? What about a Tc?Captain Crunch.
  2. I switched to Sh from Fr about ayear ago, and after a long battle, i've finally started feeling comfortable with my play and started posting a +bb/100. I think its time to take my game to the next level and i'm having trouble adjusting to different styles of play so in general:1 )If i have a choice....do i want position on the loose passive donk, or the solid TAGs. I've always thought that you want position on the solid player, but i think i read the opposite somewhere and now i'm confused. 2 )When out of position, how do you combat a thinking lag say 40/30/4, who consistenely 3bets preflo
  3. Against most lags...i'm capping all day.That being said...obviously depending on the preflop action....i'm much more comfortable capping with say QQ on a jack high board than say a 8 high flop.
  4. As with almost everything in poker, it depends. Whichever game you are best at, will be most profitable as long as you can find good games. Also, if you are a steamer, play limit.The Captain
  5. This is the same live 5/10 game from my last post. As usual, its me and a bunch of super loose passive donks.Hero is in co with 2 folds (what??) super donk limps, fold, super donk lims, i raise bb and everyon call.flop: checked to me, i bet...bb and first super donk call.turn- donks check, i bet,call, super donk checkraises.....i fold in disgust.thoughts: Standard preflop raise. On the flop, is this a clear bet or fold. Man i suck at FR. Against 2 players i bet this all day, probably 3, but wiht 4 players is betting +ev? Should i bet to get a turn? Do I want to thin the
  6. I would have played it the same, but raising any non diamond, or queen turn. I have no idea what to do if villan 3 bets turn, I call down usually but i don't know if thats right. Also, this may make me sound like a huge donkey...but does anyone see value in raise/folding this diamond turn. If not against this player, what about a LAG with a super high show down%. I suck at full ring so i probably sound like a donkey but oh well.
  7. 5/10 live- 10 handedI've been at the table mabe 40 min and as usual, the table is playing extremely loose/passive. 6 way limped pots are the norm, and its not unusual to still have 4 at show down.I'm CO with 4 limpers to me, i raise, bb calls along with everyone else.Flop: Checked to me, and for some reason i froze, and decided to check.(i'll explain my thought process on all streets after)Turn: UTG bets out, 2 callers, i call.River: UTG bets, 2 folds, i call.Thoughts: preflop- now that i think about it, in this game and 4 limpers, i should have just limped and seen a flop cheep inst
  8. If you know you are getting respect, do you really think he would check raise with no pair? IMO, 3betting in this spot is only correct if you think he will fold a 7, you think he is on a draw, or, like you said, you think he may be putting a play on you and A high is good. What was your reasoning here for the 3 bet?
  9. This is pretty much my first post, but i've lurked since the beginning. I've been playing holdem for about 2 years and just started playing shorthanded.I've got a solid grasp of most of the fundamentals, but i'm looking to take my game to the next level with some help from you guys. I know that there are some really great minds around here and i know you guys can help my game.One thing that i've noticed since getting PT is my preflop raise %. I've had solid results over 30k hands but i think i may have a serious leak.I understand that you must play looser and more aggressively in short game
  10. I had a 3/4 chub just watching.
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