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  1. Its under Heads up games. TiltMeNot just left. Final tally: bad_ip +$846 751.27!!!!!
  2. bad ip is killing the 200/400 on prima right now. He's currently sitting with over 800k. Is anyone watching this?
  3. Jasonnnn! Jasonnnn!!!!Jason Schooooollll!! lol couldn't help myself.
  4. Most of the time session fee is better for the player anyway.
  5. Try learning 2-7 triple draw. Thats what I did and I find that game really fun.
  6. Really though. They censor "Gus Hansen" in party chat. Try it out.
  7. Aplusgame247 is playing 300 600 on ub. I think i remember hearing that this is prahlad friedman. Anyone know if thats him? And if so, has anyone ever seen him play any limit games? I thought he was strictly a nl player.
  8. LOL...yea so about the rakeback?
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