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  1. happy birthday to a wonderful lady!!may you have a great day
  2. after you cook it, it it still smokeable or do you just throw it out?
  3. congrats sir!!may you have a wonderful life together!!
  4. i draw chrozzo first round????????gallo, any tips on how i dodge this bullet?
  5. i have booobiesssssthat shoudl count for something
  6. Alright, i haven't really said anything till now, i wasn't going to, but since it became 6 pages longer since the last time i was here, well....I don't find Rdog's comments offending at all...they are truthful and it's one of those "somebody has to say it" things. Srsly, blowing a roll that big in a night IS retarded and nobody can say they don't think so. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it's a mistake MANY people make. Maybe not to that extent, but i'm sure at one point or another, most great players have done some similar mistakes. I don't think anything was meant to be taken on a pers
  7. I'd say he might get 20% his first crack, definately no more. The whole thing is way too much of a catastrophe and just wouldn't be right to let him in on his first ballot.
  8. i have a friend with a rottie, another breed i'm terrified of as a rule. This dog is the biggest suck ever and sooooooo sweet. Its funny too, because when you pet her, she snorts and it almost seems growlish but it's her way of enjoying the attention. Scares me almost everytime, until she turns her head so you can get her ear
  9. i know around here, there are a couple of local charities that you can sponsor a family with. This happens mostly at xmas, but you would basically donate "x" amount of dollars for their turkey dinner groceries and presents for the kids. When i was in school, we had done soemthing similar as a classroom project.BigBrothers/BigSisters is also an awesome idea. there are alot of kids out there that just need someone to spend some time with, a positive influence and someone they can trust/confide it for guidance.I'm sure your local shelter/foodbank could also use some help, maybe serving lunch/d
  10. My list, and its really pretty simplecomputer tv(these two are pretty close, if one goes down, i can use the other)AC-we have about 3-4 months a year where this is necessary, (ok, probably on 2 months are completely necessary, but i'm spoiled)Microwave (the only thing i use this for is MAYBE reheating some leftovers)Cell phone -i gave mine up a year ago, don't miss being called by random people when i have no need or time to talk to them. When i'm busy doing something, i hate being bothered. In an emergency, they are ok, but the constant need for one of these really doesn't exsist unless you
  11. turns out someone else at my table said it happened to them toohope they fix it, cause it will piss me off if it continues all day
  12. omg stars just disconnected me. Its been lagging pretty bad all morning with everyone, i actually just thought they were all slow, but now its completely down. My internet is fine, just starsAnybody???
  13. i am truly torn on this debate. On one hand, i'm terrified of pitbulls, they literally scare me to death. But at the same time, i think the blame doesn't fall on the breed. I think that too many irresponsible owners have started to raise/breed pitbulls as a status symbol and therefore tarnished the reputation of everything that could be considered a close relation of the pitbull. pitbulls are a loyal breed of dog and only want to please their owners. The fact that people breed these dogs to fight then abandon them when they are no longer useful for that purpose is i think what causes the
  14. I really really thought they were sending stephan home and was sooooooooooo upset they didn't. His attitude stinks and i thought the little "i don't give a shit" speech at judges' table was gonna send him home for sure. They always say that past performances don't count week to week and that anybody can go home based on the single performance, yet this was the 2nd time he's skated through based on what he's done before. i was actually rooting for jeff to win the challenge so that the would send stephan and fabio home, although i really like fabio (he's definately the comic relief this seaso
  15. this thread saddens me. i'm so sorry for your losses. i currently have a 12 year old lab and the thought of someday having to put her down scares the hell out of me. i know that there will be NO way i will be able to do it. I can't imagine life without my dog and frankly, i don't want to. i do think when a dog is old and suffering it is the right thing to do, i just wish it was easier.
  16. yes, but he still beat me HU so what does that say about me????????????besides, i notice i do struggle hu in a tourney, dont really know howto get past it, unless i turn into giant card rack.
  17. gg 2u2and i would really be interested in the help sometime
  18. ty all for railty checky for stake77.70 shipped...
  19. I'm proud to be a DONKEY LUCKER fwiwi still really really want to know what you said to himand OMG he has NO business calling anyone a donkey, just pay attention to the hands he plays/calls
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