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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that Win Probability Added is calculated as an attempt to quantify what you're talking about.
  2. It's expensive if it's a main source of your TV/Movie watching, but I've had no problems with it beyond that. It essentially does exactly what you think it will.
  3. I think I'd choose Chili's over RL or OG if forced to go to one of the 3.
  4. I'm with Scram. Don't eat at those places unless they're literally the only restaurants in your town.
  5. In my current unofficial rankings of mrdannyg posts, this is number 1. Consult SJ for the official list, obviously.
  6. Actually I'm sitting in a house in the woods WITH A GUN CABINET watching the Yankees game and I hate Belle and Sebastian. I do have a western shirt on, though.
  7. Heh. You only say that because there are no real hipsters in whatever the **** hillbilly state it is that you live. The kids of Elmwood Village (aka poor people Williamsburg) would riot if they knew I was given the hipster label by an internet authority such as yourself.
  8. Pfft. It was less than $200k. Barely worth winning.
  9. DinkDonk

    It's Hot.

    It's been dripping-balls-hot in Buffalo for like 4 days now. I've been wearing nothing but underwear around my house the entire time, no matter how many friends/bitches my roommates bring over. I wear the tight ones, too, plus I pop my head in the freezing shower every half-hour or so, so I get that sexy, clingy, glisteny look.
  10. I don't know shit about geology or geography or even which one is relevant here, but I think Miami's flatter.
  11. It's my birthday today. I hate birthdays so don't wish me a happy one. But I've already had a growler of high alcohol content beer and I'm looking to drink a lot more. If you're lucky, I'll spew drunken ramblings at you when I'm done imbibing.
  12. You guys are all so weird that I'm like the second coolest person here. Shake's got far too many pairs of Ray-Bans to compete with.
  13. Well yeah, but only like every day.
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