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  1. sighaments....O'Sullivan is ok. If he's the best in Martz' system, than he deserves the job. I still don't like WR depth, and O'Sullivan will still struggle once Jennings gets hurt. The offense isn't really the problem though. The secondary is very weak again, minus Clements. No one is stepping up at #2 CB, yet we have 3 good nickel corners. The defensive line is awful. I don't even want to comment on that. No pressure....at all. I'm sure I'll discuss it more soon....but that's enough for now.
  2. FTOPS every 3 months is not wise... they aren't as prestigious nor as special when they try and get people to register for each one that barely makes the guarantee or has an overlay.
  3. Yeah I remember Rahme raising like he was Jerry Yang after going on tilt when watching it live...it was pretty funny. I really though Kravchenko could get to Yang but he still played too timid it seemed and didnt want to give anything away even after entering the pot for a raise.
  4. That interview seems like it took an hour for him to finish those 2 sentences...Norman Chad: Moving to America was the best day of your life, how is this?Yang: That was the best day of my life...
  5. oh noez I don't like whats on tv plz stop whining
  6. It sucks that the final table...well..basically the main event itself has turned into a preflop game now. Nothing post flop. That's how Jerry Yang won.
  7. cause she doesn't have huge boobs like your av?
  8. gg Bax...sorry about the end results, but you played extremely well to get that far.
  9. gg JC..tough break..twice at both final tables, yuck
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