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  1. I dont think your getting anymore from them after the flop, so why not check raise this. Some might call because they dont want to show that they fold to a check raise so they will call with the intention of folding on the turn. Then lead out the turn and go from there.
  2. Someone is getting stacked on this hand. I push all in and hope he didnt hit. I like to avoid losing my stack with TPTK but against a LAG you just have to hope your hand holds up.
  3. I dont think he is an the draw. If he has that good a read on you, why not let you gaybet as you say, call it and then trap you on the river. He might do this with a T but I dont think so. I still think he has a 5.
  4. I am betting he has a 5, the question is A5 or T5? I think you call, wait for him to push the turn.
  5. The board is paired.I dont like trying for a free card when I am ahead and vulnerable. I dont see the value in that approach, but would like someone to explain it to me.
  6. Push you only have 105 left. Lets say you bet 50, he is certainly going to call getting 3 to 1. On top of that if you bet 50 on the turn the rest is going in on the river when you have 5 to 1 to call, so why not push here with Two pair and a K high flush draw.
  7. I call getting 2.5 to 1 is pretty good odds. Your only afraid of AA, TT or any hand with a Q that would raise to 20 preflop, KQ,QQ,AQ or QT. If you lose rebuy. I never play with only one buyin behind me.
  8. In the first hand I am not sure I call. I am pretty sure I am beat by one of the two, meaning they have me out kicked. That means I have to hit my Jack and that still might not be good if the other has a higher PP.The second hand happened to me last night two times. QQ vs A9 and the flop came 99rag and 88 vs A5 and the flop came 55rag. In both of these situations I was OOP and it cost me. Iam glad this worked out for you. My feeling is if you have an overpair to the board and a pair on the board most of the time your golden.
  9. Why such a big overbet? If he has the nuts, he certainly would want you to call and I am not sure you could call this bet unless he is beat. Maybe he should raise to $20 on top something you can call.I think he is beat, His hand is looking like AK or K8 to me.
  10. There are only 3 hands you could be afraid of KK, 88 or 22. I think in the.50/1 game KK is raising even on the button because it will look like a steal attempt and he might get called plus I would rather win small than lose big by letting someone catch on me. 88 is also raising because his hand is vulnerable, and 22 would limp.A2s K2s and K8 could also be in the pot. AK raises preflop. He could also have an unpaired Ace figuring he has two pair with the top kicker.So with all that I would reraise, I might even go the distance in this hand.
  11. About the same as Angelina parking her car in your driveway.On a side note I would have loved to lose this hand at the casino I play at. I would have gotten the bad beat jackpot.....
  12. I would define buying in short as 50% of less of the max buyin.so in a 1000 dollar max buyin then $500 or I would consider short. I pesonally cant see a reason to buyin short. Its NL, I want maximum value if I get a hand and go all in.Why play a short stack? What adavantages to you gain over buying in for the max buyin?
  13. I think his check raise was used to slow you down. I think he probably had a flush draw with overs or OESD with T9. The fact that you just called makes him believe you are not that strong so when he hits second pair on the turn he bets out. I think you should have reraised here and make him pay for the draw.I think you folded the losing hand, but getting 3 to 1 it might have been worth a call.
  14. Some guys and are having a debate on whether it is acceptable to buyin short to a NL game. In my opinion I think its a bad poker decsion and the first one you make prior to playing. What do you guys think. Can you give any advantages to buying in short? I would like to restrict this to 5/10 NL and down, high stakes is a different story.
  15. Just an update. I ended up calling and he turned over KJ. He kinda got upset and thought he had represented the flush the whole way. The reasons I told him I called was simply the odds, I was getting almost 3 to 1 and I also didnt feel he had the flush. I also didnt think his push was indicative of someone catching the flush, I figured he would have bet a smaller amount to make me want to give a crying call or a chance to come back over the top of him.
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