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  1. Playing at the casino in a cash game today. Had a terrible beat thats still got me steaming. In 4th position I get dealt AhAd.Under the gun raises to 12x the big blind, I double his bet. The entire table calls.Flop comes AsKhKd. I think I'm golden. Some risk to quad Kings but still for me worth calling. If I lose to quad Kings I'll live.SB bets pot size. (on queens)BB doubles. (on set of Kings)Under the gun all in. (on set of Kings)I call all in.9 callers (8 all in, the dealer just about had a stroke figuring out side pots)Heres the hands:KsQhKcJdQQJsJcTsTc7h7d9s9c6s6hTurn comes 7River
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